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Bush supports violence against women

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posted on Aug, 12 2005 @ 08:03 PM
Bush through policies, actions and lies is supporting a rising domestic violence against Iraqi women.

CBS Evening News (Aug 12, 2005) reports that with the rise of radical islam in Iraq the level of domestic violence against women is rising, alarmingly.
Honor killings of women occured under Saddam, but they were rare.
Now that Radical Islam is rearing its ugly head in the Iraqi populace they are becoming much more common.

In one case a women was chopped up by her own male family members.

The woman running a women's shelter has to travel and be surrounded by armed guards and endure a barrage of daily death threats, just for trying to help and protect the vulnerable Iraqi women.

Whether by intent or accident this completely unproductive fiasco in Iraq is exposing Iraqi women to domestic violence in a land where 'honor killings' are culturally accepted.

From the testosterone blinded Whitehouse, Bush's policies and actions are killing Iraqi women.

Turning a stable country into chaos not only supports terrorism, it is killing, endangering and degrading the lives of Iraqi women.

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