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A Little Thought Goes A Long Way

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posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 01:10 PM
Even though I am not Muslim or Arabic, I think sometimes we'd have a better (maturer) understanding of Muslims or Arabics if we can just get a little taste of their world. So I have decided to write a few words in Arabic & English.

shokran - thank you
afwan - you're welcome
hala - welcome
fursa Sa'eeda - nice to meet you
ahlan - hello
maAssalaama - goodbye
masa' el khayr - good evening
sabaah el khayr - good morning
tisbah ala kheer - goodnight

inti (f)/inta (m) - you
ana - I

na3am - yes
la - no

'eyh? - what?
leyh? - why?
meen? - who?

es-soAdayya - Saudi Arabia
amrika - America
el Araa' - Iraq
inglaterra - England
isra'eel - Israel
ish-sharq il-awsat - middle east
almanya - Germany
italiyya - Italy
Iraan - Iran

Allaah - God
sheetaan - Satan
dajjal - anti-Christ
Islaam - one who submits completely to Allaah/God

su'aal - question
radd - answer

mazboot - correct
sa7 - correct
sah - correct
mazboot - correct
muzayaf - false

aadil - fair (just)
khadoom - helpful
ameen - honest
tawhid - the oneness of Allaah/God

astaghfi-rullaah - I seek forgiveness from Allaah
as-assalamu 'alaykum - peace be unto you
laa ilaaha ill-Allaah - there is none truly of worship except Allaah
maa shaa-Allaah - whatever Allaah wishes
jazaa-kallaahu khayr (m) - may Allaah reward you with good
jazaa-kilaahu khayr (f) - may Allaah reward you with good
radhi-yalaahu 'anhu - may Allaah be please with him
radhi-yallaahu 'anhaa (may Allaah be pleased with her)
hal tatakallumu l-inkliziyya - do you speak English?
Fee sabi'ililah - in Allaah's faith
masha'Allaah - as Allaah willed
qitaal fi Sabeel Allaah - fighting for Allaah's cause
jihaad fi Sabeel Allaah - striving hard for Allaah's cause

ana behibak (f to m) - I love you
ana behibek (m to f) - I love you

salaam - peace
ismee - my name is

Ya Allaah - Oh Allaah!


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