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Lebanese Forces Arrest Cleric Terrorist - Omar Bakri!

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posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 12:27 PM
Yes!!! Slam dunk if you ask me. Id be willing to bet he wont be back in Britain any time soon…The best part about this is the British had nothing to do with this, it is entirely Lebanese authorities. I also agree with the reason for the arrest.
Score another for the good guys; the Brits should have locked this guy up years ago.


“BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - Lebanese police have arrested Omar Bakri, the Islamic cleric who is being investigated in Britain for his remarks on the London bombings, security officials said Thursday.

The officials refused to say when and where Bakri was arrested. But the local Future TV channel reported that he was arrested Thursday as he left after giving an interview at its building in western Beirut.

The station said Bakri was told that the General Security department wants to question him about "information regarding his entry into Lebanon."

In London, the Foreign Office said there was no British connection to the detention and no warrant for Bakri's arrest.

Britain's Home Office declined to say whether it had lodged an extradition request. However, such a move was considered unlikely as the government had been considering how to deport or bar Bakri from Britain…”

Keep it up!

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