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WAR: Omar Bakri Flees UK Under Threat Of Legal Action

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posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 12:50 AM
Sheik Omar Bakri has fled the UK for the middle east under the threat of legal action from the UK government. The cleric, who is head of the radical islamic group Al-Mujahiroun, left the country as the British government was considering using treason laws against outspoken preachers. Syrian born Bakri refused to condemn the London bombings and is suspected of encouraging young British muslims to become martyrs. A spokesman for the muslim council of Britain was happy with Bakri's departure, saying 'There can be a bit of a celebration. That is something which I think will bring a bit of real joy and happiness to the community'.
The radical Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed is said to have fled Britain for the Middle East. His reported departure comes as the Government considers using treason laws against outspoken extremists.

Syrian-born Bakri has refused to condemn the July 7 terror attacks on London and the failed bombings on July 21.The spiritual head of the extremist al-Muhajiroun group claimed it was "God-forbidden" for Muslims to inform police about terror plots in the UK. He also said they have a "duty" to fight British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I think this is a very positive step in the fight against terrorism in Britain and shows that the government is moving in the right direction.

Allowing these foreign clerics to remain on British soil preaching their hate filled rhetoric to our young men and women was a mistake that we can not allow to happen again.

This is a link to a sunday times investigation into another of Bakris sects which may be interesting:

Sunday Times

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posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 04:38 AM
A true "freedom fighter" for democracy, equal rights and equal freedom regardless of religion, creed, sex or political believe has left.....

He has praised the September 11 terrorists as 'magnificent', called Israel 'a cancer' and said homosexuals should be 'thrown from Big Ben'.

In January, he declared that Britain had become a 'land of war', and called on Muslims to unite behind Al Qaeda. He has supported suicide bombings and urged his followers to kill non-Muslims ' wherever, whenever'.

At least UK-Ministry of Welfare can be happy

Since Syrian-born Bakri settled in Britain, he and his extended family have raked in benefits amounting to at least £300,000.

He is registered disabled because of an injury to his leg during his childhood, and was recently supplied with a £31,000 Ford Galaxy under the Motability scheme.

Bakri, who lives in a £200,000 home in North London, tops up his £250-a-week benefit payments with an extra £50 incapacity allowance.


posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 04:54 AM

he said: "I am going to return back in four weeks unless the Government say we are not welcome, because my family is in the UK.

They government will say no.

i heard about this on Skynews this morning. The government will ask him not to come back probably

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 06:17 AM
£300,000 in state handouts? That is outrageous.

For someone who hates this country so much he doesn't seem to have any problem taking our money.

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 01:33 PM
The BBC have a good article on this guy now:

BBC Bakri

I particularly liked the quote from the deputy prime minister:

Enjoy your holiday - make it a long one.

Interestingly enough, he has now said that he will return to the UK to fight his case if the government charge him with anything. I can't see him winning the case if he does so he'll hopefully either end up with a life sentence or be deported to Syria.

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 05:02 PM
Great lets waste more taxpayer money on these stupid f*cks. That money should be going into schools, health etc, not making sure some extremist can have a fair trial, support his useless family.

These people are parasites. Get rid of them. Ship them back to where they came from because they serve no purpose in the 21st century other than to remind us how nice the dark ages were. So they hate the west? Then send em back home and let the rest of us get on with making Britain a great place for people to live.

I believe that the benefit system should be for people who can't work due to disability, not because they are lazy unskilled hate filled morons.

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 01:01 AM
I couldn't agree more, let's see how much he loves the middle east now without the £300 per week and free car he was getting from the UK taxpayers.

This is just one foreign preacher but it's a good start in my opinion. I originally read about him in the Sunday Times and the systematic radicalising of young British muslims that was taking place was sickening. The Sunday Times reporter even witnessed a gang of them beat up a moderate muslim for 'insulting islam'. No-one is safe from lunatics like this, not christians, atheists, muslims or anyone else.

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