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Bomb Threat Made On Dallas To Houston Flight (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 03:31 PM
A note left by a passenger has been found that stated that there was a bomb on a SouthWest Airlines flight between Dallas and Houston.
The plane has landed at Hobby Airport in Houston.
All 136 passengers have been disembarked and are being questioned.
Bomb sniffing dogs are working the plane to locate any explosives that may be present.
FBI have not ruled out that terrorism may be the cause of this note.
HOUSTON -- A threatening note about a bomb was found on board a Southwest Airlines plane from Dallas to Houston Friday, prompting officials to isolate the aircraft and evacuate all the passengers, KPRC-TV in Houston reported.
The Transportation Security Administration confirmed with KPRC that the note was found on board Southwest Airlines Flight 21 from Dallas.
"A note was found on board that aircraft by a passenger and the note said something specifically to the effect that there is a bomb on the aircraft," said Al Tribble, with the Houston-area office of the FBI.
The 737 aircraft was isolated on the south end of Hobby Airport after it landed safely at about 1 p.m.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This is very close to home with me as I am in the Dallas area and frequently fly between Houston and Dallas.
I will update this thread as more information becomes available.

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posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 03:58 PM
Nothing to worry about, the chances of people dieing from terrorist are hundred of times lower than you dieing from a car crash, or getting murdered by your own country men.

posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 05:13 PM
It'd be nice if they let out a bit more about the note. I remember hearing about one incident where someone had written something about a bomb on a napkin because they were describing something (a movie scene?) and didn't want to scare anyone. Of course they forgot to pick up the note when they left, which someone else found, and the rest is pretty much in line with this story. I'll try to find a link that particular incident.

The story as promised:

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posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 05:42 PM
No bombs were discovered. They are keeping the flight crew sequestered.
Passengers have been released.
They have not released anymore information on the letter that prompted the delay nor have they told the passengers anything other than that there was possibly a bomb having been aboard.
FBI is still investigating the scene.
Further info is available from the origional source

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