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WAR: U.S. State Department Issues British Travel Warning

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posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 09:07 PM
The United States Department of State issued a public announcement today warning Americans of the hazards of traveling to the United Kingdom. The statement says that while British authorities have made progress on the investigation of the recent bombings, the threat of continued terror is still real. Americans are advised to maintain a high level of vigilance, especially in public places and on public transportation.
This public announcement is issued to alert Americans to ongoing security concerns in the United Kingdom. This public announcement expires on November 3, 2005.

National and local authorities in the United Kingdom continue their investigations of the London bombings on July 7 and the attempted bombings on July 21. The London Metropolitan Police made several arrests, but also stated “the threat remains, and is very real.” The police have increased their uniform and undercover presence on the London public transportation system.

U.S. citizens are advised to maintain a high level of vigilance, take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness, and exercise caution in public places or while using public transportation. U.S. citizens are also advised to fully cooperate with British authorities if and as needed while they continue their investigations.

U.S. citizens are reminded of the potential for further terrorist actions against U.S. citizens abroad. Terrorists do not distinguish between official and civilian targets. Terrorist actions may include bombings, hijackings, hostage taking, kidnappings and assassinations. Increased security at official U.S. facilities may lead terrorists and their sympathizers to seek softer targets such as public transportation, residential areas and apartment complexes, and public areas where people congregate including restaurants, hotels, clubs, and shopping areas. U.S. citizens are advised to immediately report any unusual or suspicious activity in the United Kingdom to the police or the U.S. Embassy in London.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It's not an official advisory warning Americans to not travel there, but still this is a pretty big step to make this announcement in regard to the United Kingdom. Some may condemn this official statement, but everything in it seems logical to me.

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posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 12:23 AM
The only hazardous thing is damage to the british tourist economy. Alot of Americans visit England every year. Less visitors could mean less jobs for those working in the tourism industry. Even though this statement is logical and I agree with it. Its another thing the terrorists have done to damage a western country.


posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 12:26 AM
I wonder what that announcement will end up costing the Brits?

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 02:33 AM
Sort of stating the obvious - is the American public so stupid to think that they've all gone away?

But you wonder just why this has been issued - nothing like kicking your best ally when he's down ....

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 02:46 AM
There is nothing like a bit of fearmongering to sway the sheeple into complying.

To those US tourists who choose not to travel to the UK due to misguided advice, thank you....

London is crowded enough as it is without tourists with suitcases the size of wardrobes blocking the top and bottom of every stairway, pondering which direction to go in.....

Fearmongering will not be stopping me visiting the good old Uncle US of A later this year.

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 02:58 AM
More people die crossing the road in London EVERY year than have died so far at the hands of suicide bombers. So where was the US warning last year about the danger of cars, or the year before that, or the year before that....

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 05:34 AM
No different to our Foreign Office's long standing travel warning for going to the United States.


Early on the morning of 5 May, two small explosions occurred close to the building which houses the British Consulate-General in New York. They caused minor damage but no casualties. The explosions were caused by two small grenades placed in a planter outside the building. The target of the explosions is unknown but police are continuing to investigate the incident.

The US Government remains concerned about continued threats. Since the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, the US government has issued a number of warnings of potential further terrorist attacks in the US.

The US domestic threat level stands at "elevated" (yellow). The US Government is maintaining heightened security, especially at airports. This may result in cancellations and delays to flights to and from the US. You should continue to expect more stringent security checks at airports and other public buildings.

You should be aware of the global risk of indiscriminate terrorist attacks, which could be against civilian targets including places frequented by foreigners. Given that terrorist attacks have taken place in public areas, there is a risk that foreign visitors could be caught up if there were other attacks in the future. You should therefore be particularly vigilant in high-profile public places. (See: Security & General Tips and Risk of Terrorism when Travelling Overseas).

We recommend that you also look at relevant US government websites, especially: , , and and monitor news reports before and during your trip to the USA.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

But my favourites would have to be:


Do not make flippant remarks about bombs or terrorism, especially when passing through US airports.


If you get into any difficulties with US Authorities, you should explain to them that you are a British national and ask to speak to a UK consular officer.

Unless you are shipped to Guantanamo, then your consular access might be a bit long in coming. We estimate 36 month delays. Have a nice trip

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 05:38 AM
Just to clarify - the State Department does this any time there is an occurrence that could be a threat to the traveling citizen. They have had a travel warning. This isn't the U.S. trying to ban travel, but as you can see from the warning, it is just giving advice to stay aware of your surroundings. And I would hope other countries did the same thing when we had incidences that could threaten their citizens.

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 06:47 AM
There as alwaysa threat to a travelling citizen. You could get run over, tripped up, or as a chav would say it "ra happy slapped blood". Its jsut that terrorism is used as a way to persuade people to do as you want

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 07:42 AM

Originally posted by spartan433
There as alwaysa threat to a travelling citizen. You could get run over, tripped up, or as a chav would say it "ra happy slapped blood". Its jsut that terrorism is used as a way to persuade people to do as you want

That's your opinion. An opinion from a very dark place as far as I'm concerned.

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posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 07:57 AM
Well I just spent a fantastic weekend in the centre of London. I used the underground, buses and taxis and never once thought twice about using any of them, and if I could I would go back there tomorrow.

Next year I am off to New York for 10 days and I am really looking forward to it !!

The only person who can make me change my mind is me !!

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posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 08:00 AM
This is the News Forum, decorum. Edit the censor circumvention please Mindwalker.

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 11:03 AM

Spartan's comment is self-evident, IMO. And even though travel warnings are routine - looks like the British government is being manipulated. Wonder what Bush wants from them?


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