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Evidence of tunneling in Oregon?

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posted on Aug, 26 2003 @ 10:58 PM
At the beginning of the month Volk posted a thread titled Underground Gas Chambers in Oregon. To summarize, Volk suspects that the N.W.O. is building two underground gas chambers equidistant from Portland. I have made two trips to Goat Mtn, one of the suspected sites. I have yet to find anything conclusive but there is mounting circumstantial evidence for Volk’s claim. Of that evidence I need some help interpreting some seismometer readings. I have been following the seismometers at Colton High School in Oregon. This High School is about 7 miles from the Goat Mtn.

This is a normal day with background activity without the anomalous readings.

Then look at the following seismograph readouts for the mornings of August 13, 23, 26.

As of today, I have found this reading on 10 mornings in August. I also found these readings on 2 nights in August. What strikes me strange is how the readings are clustered in the morning. The first time I was near the peak of Goat Mtn, I heard heavy machinery working within miles southwest of my location. Could these readings be the product of tunneling?

Volk’s original post.

My second trip to Goat Mtn.

[Edited on 27-8-2003 by kukla]


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