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Remeber, you get to Vote on ATS Submissions!

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posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 11:27 AM
Use this helpful link to view

All Outstanding Submissions.

ATSNN is very widely read across the internet, not just be ATS members. But ONLY ATS members have the priviledge of voting on them! ATSNN represents an oppurtunity for the members here to literally make their voice heard and their opinions get to have an immediate real world effect by deciding which reports get upgraded from submissions into Articles. In a sense, you are the News Editor!

Downgraded submissions get sent to Other Current Events from where they might get sent to any number of appropriate forums.

Just Remember to review and vote on the submissions. If you don't like the report overall or just think that its an intersting article but a poor quality submission, then the No:Story vote is the vote to choose, with other No options being more specific.

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