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Dependence upon oil/NWO

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 09:56 AM
Opec is a trillion dollar a year industry. Money and greed is a motivating factor in keeping things the way they are.
Global warming is a reality so the needs should be changing. Necessity is the mother of invention so we are "supposedly" looking for alternate means.
Other means are available, however, IMHO we have been duped into thinking that we are unable to find a better way.
Our complacency with the internal combustion engine leads us to be content with a system that we now find out is harmful to our environment (not recently either)
Fact: The internal combustion engine is a poor means of energy derivation for drives. The majority of energy is wasted via heat loss.

Conjecture: The solution (again IMHO) is like Pandora's box, once opened there is no going back. Governments know this and if we had perpetual motion, levitation, free-energy etc., we wouldn't need to stop for gas, wouldn't be limited to our borders (how could they be patrolled?), and wouldn't be limited to inter-planetary( by primitive means at best) travel.

In view of the above, a NWO is trying to take over in order to control the entire world. A one world order would seem to be needed since we aren't capable of getting along with each other. However, again, there are other peoples in parts of the world who will resist change to the ultimate downfall of all humanity.

Only solution and it is inevitable, is the Second Coming. Get right with the Lord. This isn't conspiracy on the Lord's part, it is man and his evil ways that have us in the boat we are in.
Let me put it this way... we are all in the same boat, all (trying to) paddling in the same direction in order to get anywhere. The problem is, the boat is round, and round we go...

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