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America WAKE UP! Your Real Threat is China!! Not Al Qaida or Terrorism!

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posted on Jul, 23 2005 @ 08:55 PM
The war on terrorism has really diverted attention away from United States main enemy, China. The so-called war on terrorism will unfortunately lead to the downfall of U.S if they ignore the threat of China. WAKE up America, China have already started its war against you.

Terrorism and Al Qaeda are just "peanuts" compared to the real threat posed by China. My reasons being are as follows.

1- Chinese spies have infiltrated every western country, every university and every institution. Here are some quotes from BBC article at

“China has sent 600,000 students overseas in the past 25 years as part of a conscious policy of developing its science, technology and business skills.” “Their mission - or so the reports allege - is to use fair means or foul to gather technological and commercial intelligence that will help speed China on its way to becoming the next global superpower.

“China has about 3,000 "front" companies in the US that exist mainly to obtain technology and military secrets, according to US officials”

“Chen Yonglin, a Chinese diplomat who recently defected in Australia, claimed Beijing had as many as 1,000 spies in Australia alone” Imagine how many will be in U.S; it is scary to even think about.

2- China is a rapidly growing economy and as such can wage an economic war on U.S and they have proven this over and over again. What better way to weaken your enemy than to weaken an enemy’s economy. This is proven due to Chinese assets in U.S and that China is the main reason for America’s ballooning foreign debt.

“China has now provided an answer to anybody who wondered what it could do with some of its $660 billion in foreign-currency reserves, which include nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars worth of U.S. Treasury securities. Moreover, given that 100 percent of last year's record nominal U.S. budget deficit of $413 billion was effectively financed by foreign investors, including Asian central banks, consider the irony of the Chinese government liquidating a small portion of its U.S. Treasury securities to finance the purchase of 100 percent of America's ninth-largest oil company”

The currency peg is another method of waging economic war on America; the recent unpegging is just a front that will not alter their war strategy.
The Chinese have been buying more and more American assets and firm; IBM, Unocal are just to name a few. And I am not even mentioning the huge advantage they over America in controlling Panama Canal, a vital economic shipping route.

3- China is developing a highly advance military capability, much of it developed through spying on America and gained from other countries, namely Russia. The leadership of China has no problems with threatening America will nuclear annihilation.

“An annual assessment of Chinese Military Power released on Tuesday by the Pentagon said China was also improving and expanding its nuclear arsenal, fielding more advanced nuclear missiles capable of striking India, Russia and ''virtually all of the United States''

"Over the "next several years", Beijing will deploy a DF-31 road-mobile, solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile and a JL-2 submarine-launched ballistic missile, the Pentagon said in an annual report to Congress on Chinese military power. New jet acquisitions are augmenting previous deliveries of Su-27 fighters and China is building its own version of the Su-27SK, the F-11, under agreement with Moscow”

“The PLA is also acquiring from abroad, or developing at home, advanced precision strike weapons such as cruise missiles and air-to-air, air-to-surface and radar-destroying munitions. Includes 64 major surface warships, 55 attack submarines, 40 medium and heavy amphibious lift vessels and about 50 coastal missile patrol craft. Two-thirds of the fleet is located in the East and South Sea fleets.

China has deployed two new Russian-made Sovremennyy class guided-missile destroyers in the East Sea Fleet and an additional two are under contract. All are fitted with advanced anti-ship cruise missiles and air defence systems.

China's Song class diesel electric submarine has entered serial production. Last year, China launched a new diesel submarine, the Yuan class, and it is expected to field its next-generation nuclear attack submarine, the Type 093. this year. Beijing is also acquiring eight additional Kilo class diesel electric submarines from Russia in addition to four previously purchased boats. The new subs will include advanced SS-N-27 anti-ship cruise missiles and wire-guided and wake-seeking torpedoes”

“The Defence Intelligence Agency believes Beijing eventually could develop a laser weapon capable of damaging or destroying satellites," the report states. The Pentagon for its part is focusing a large measure of its ongoing Quadrennial Defence Review deliberations on the threat posed by China and the possibility of having to fight a conventional or nuclear war against the country.

The task of deciding what U.S. forces will be needed to counter or dissuade a Chinese threat is made more complicated by the fact that the U.S. government has no idea exactly how much China is investing in its military. In March, a Chinese government spokesman announced China would increase its "publicly disclosed-defense budget" in 2005 by 12.6 percent, to approximately $29.9 billion, double the amount it spent in 2000.

"When adjusted for inflation, the nominal increases have produced double-digit actual increases in China's official defence budget every year since the mid-1990s. However, the officially published figures substantially underreport actual expenditures for national defence," the Pentagon report states.

The report estimates that all told, China could be spending $90 billion in 2005 on military accounts”

4- North Korea is virtually a puppet of China, America if foolish to think that China is cooperating in its nuclear proliferation talks. Instead China is holding North Korea as a pawn that they could do as they please against America.

AMERICA WAKE UP!!!! The third world war has already started but America is none the wiser meddling with measly Middle East and terrorism. In fact the biggest gainer from 9/11 is China as attention was diverted away from their silent war against America. The current Bush Administration and especially the previous Clinton Administration have let China continue this Silent war. Without radical policy change and not waking up to the China will surely lead to America's utter and complete downfall as a nation and people!

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posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 03:27 PM
China starts active WWIII
Nuclear attacks on many American cities, millions dead and dying.

Chinese move all citizens to "secret" underground shelters in preparation for USA retaliatory strike.

USA 'bunker buster' nukes collapse and destroy all air filtration and tunnel entrances to Civilian "secret" underground shelters... over 1-billion served.

USA nationalizes all chinese holdings and properties in USA territories and on international markets.

Who really wins?

posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 03:36 PM

Originally posted by Chuck Stevenson

Who really wins?

The winners will be the ones who can find and flake flint for spear points and arrow heads. It will be those who relearn agriculture in the old fashioned ways. The winners will be those peoples who have rejected all the niceties of 'civilization' and have opted instead for self sufficience.

In other'll be the primitive cultures which never lost their knack for survival.

In such a scenario, perhaps it would be wise to befiend some-one like that and learn those skills...ya just never know.

What was that thing about the 'meek inhereting the Earth'...seems apt in consequence of WWIII, don't you think?

[edit on 24-7-2005 by masqua]

posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 10:59 PM
Last time I checked China was still a massive exporter of goods to the US. They freely express there military power, advaned weaponry is not stored in a bunker in the middle of no where, it is freely publicized.

China said that it will never use nuclear weapons in offence. They are of no real threat.

posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 12:07 AM

Originally posted by GoldEagle
China said that it will never use nuclear weapons in offence. They are of no real threat.

Ever read Sun Tzu's Art of War?
If so, apply what they have said versus the teachings of Sun Tzu, which Chinese military leaders still adhere to.


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