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India & US Nuke Tech Alliance?

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posted on Jul, 23 2005 @ 12:49 PM
According to press releases from the US State Dept and news sources such as the Washington Post the US & India have made a pact on nuclear technology cooperation.

Fact Sheet
Office of the Spokesman
Washington, DC
July 22, 2005

U.S.-India Civilian Nuclear Cooperation

The United States has established a global partnership with India which
encourages India's emergence as a positive force on the world scene. The U.S.
and India have agreed that India should receive the benefits and accept all the
responsibilities of the world's leading states with advanced nuclear
technology, concurrent with its enhanced nonproliferation commitments and in
the context of its growing energy needs. The agreement to reach full civil
nuclear cooperation brings India into the international nonproliferation
mainstream. It opens new doorways for a cleaner and more secure global energy
future. It makes the United States an essential partner as India normalizes its
rising position in the community of nations.

US & Indian civilian nuclear cooperation

Apparently India will assume the same responsibilities and practices as other countries with advanced nuclear programs, and has agreed to:

* Identify and separate civilian and military nuclear facilities and programs
and file an IAEA declaration regarding its civilian facilities;
* Place voluntarily its civilian nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards;
* Sign and adhere to an Additional Protocol with respect to civilian nuclear
* Continue its unilateral moratorium on nuclear testing;
* Work with the U.S. for the conclusion of a multilateral Fissile Material
Cut Off Treaty;
* Refrain from the transfer of enrichment and reprocessing technologies to
states that do not have them and support efforts to limit their spread; and
* Secure nuclear materials and technology through comprehensive export
control legislation and adherence to the Missile Technology Control Regime
and Nuclear Suppliers Group.

The United States has reciprocally promised that the Administration will:

* Seek agreement from Congress to adjust U.S. laws and policies;
* Work with friends and allies to adjust international regimes to enable full
civil nuclear energy cooperation and trade with India; and
* Consult with partners on India's participation in the fusion energy
consortium ITER and support India's part in work to develop advanced
nuclear reactors.

I think this is good news, instead of India becoming a superpower with close ties to Russia it seems that all that may be turning to the US...

Thoughts anyone?

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