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Mark of the Beast Essay

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posted on Jul, 21 2005 @ 06:04 AM
A very interesting read. One part that interest me is YOUR GOVERNMENT'S DEFINITION OF THE WORD “CITIZEN”

This essay is published for Bible believers who suspect that we are in the end times, and would like more proof. If you are not a Bible believer, skip to the court decisions in Appendix G to prove for yourself that without a Social Security Number you would have kept your right to earn un-taxable wages.
It is my Christian duty to warn those who have an ear to hear. Do not be lulled into waiting for a one-man world leader to issue an implant in your right hand. The final moments of world history are unfolding before us.

A Social Security Card has all the attributes of the Mark. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, so I will present ample proof for you to consider. I'm confident that these verifiable proofs will withstand scrutiny. If you don't want to believe the evidence, then prove it wrong. Don't simply deny. A denial disproves nothing. Your Bible instructs you to prove all things and hold fast to that which is good. Don't dismiss my message until you've read my Chapter "Answers to Skeptics."

Satan has a counterfeit authority to obey. It is a very close imitation to legitimate authority.

In the entire history of Social Security Numbers, there have only been six people who have been told by a Court to get a number. Note that ALL OF THE CASES INVOLVE PEOPLE WHO WERE PARTAKING IN WELFARE.

Bowen v. Roy 106 SCt 2147, 476 US 693 (the only Supreme Court case)
Callahan v. Woods 479 FSupp 621 (reversed by 658 F2d 679)
Chambers v. Klein 419 FSupp 569
McElrath v. Califano 615 F2d 434
Doe v. Sharp 491 FSupp 346
Green v. Philbrook 576 F 440, (reversing 427 FSupp 834)

There is NO other Federal Court case requiring someone to get a Social Security Number. No one in authority has told you to get a Social Security Number. Except for these six welfare recipients, there are NO other federal cases requiring someone to get a number. Not to work, not to pay a tax, not to open a bank account, not to drive, not to vote, not to cash a check. [I've been told, but could not confirm, that there was a Florida case where someone was told by a local court to get a SSN to register a boat]. NO COURT HAS EVER REQUIRED A WORKER TO GET A SSN, not even a federal worker. There are plenty of cases where workers who already have a number are required to give it. Once you are in their snare, there is permanent slavery.

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