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Telekinesis - What is it

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posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 01:09 AM
The phenomenon of telekinesis is widely known. My objective is, what causes movement within the object. When useing telekinetic powers do people useing them apply them as an outside force or is it manipulating the object internally to produce outward physcial affects.

IE> Throwing a pillow > Outside force used to move an object
IE> Eletrical Impulses within muscle fiber > Internal Force
Can telekinetics do it both ways?

Does anyone here have ANY telekinetic powers.

Anyone have theories on what is happening (what changes apply to the object) as in eletrical, magnetic, or some unknown/unamed force.

posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 08:43 AM
My belief is that if telekinesis is possible, it is caused by a sort of "positive thought", and the idea that humans with disiciplined enough minds can control their environment by thinking things into existance. You may want to research into the idea of "creating your own reality". It's sort of like "If you wish hard enough, it will come true."

I just thought up one possible alternative, which would be that if everything was connected by one large energy field. This is the basis that tries to explain Remote Viewing, and also makes Quantam Physics/String Theory possible. It has been said that all matter is just densely vibrating energy. So I suppose if there could be some way in your mind to harness and control this, you could use it for telekinetic-like abilities.

I have experimented with ESP a while in the past. It was only for a few days and I didn't really know what I was doing. I just sort of focused on objects really hard and put all my energy and thought and will into trying to make them move. Nothing really happened though. A pen fell over once... most likely on it's own.

There are a lot of sites and people out there specifically devoted to researching and developing this sort of thing. You may find some pretty logical and developed theories out there by people like this. I just recommend to stay away from some less credible groups, such as what I call the "DBZ kiddies", who make sites devoted to creating "psi-balls" to throw at people, etc.

Hope that helps a little.

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posted on Jul, 15 2005 @ 09:15 AM
I seem to be more adept at Electrokinesis, but I've dabbled, and had extremely minor success, at Telekinesis. I suspect we all have the ability, but like anything else, some have a knack for it more than others, and of course practice improves the ability.

For me, it isn't an internal thing. I focus on creating an external force to then direct the movement of the object. For me, I usually practice more on things that are already moving somewhat...(like a chain dangling from a ceiling fan, or a watch's second hand, etc.). I make the chain hang straight instead of in a circular motion, or stop the second hand temporarily, and so forth. On occassion, I've made a paperclip or coin move. (put it down on a piece of paper, make sure the paper can't move (like due to a fan)....then place the object, draw around it, and then see if you can move it some. It takes a while for me to move static objects, even a little bit, but already moving objects are a much quicker result for me.

Similar thing occurs with electrokinesis, such as playing with streetlights. I still haven't figured out why some lights are easier to affect than others. But I certainly can show that it is an "at will" thing. (making it go off, come on, go back off, etc. at will). I visualize an external force around the object (in this case the light globe) and then mentally direct whether it's to smother or enhance the light. Sometimes I'll "siphon" the light or darkness from another light or dark area, and then mentally direct it at the target, if a light I know I can effect is more difficult than normal...and that usually does the trick.

I can't explain it, just only explaining what's going through my head while doing so. If anyone's ever in Tampabay, and want to look me up, will be happy to show them, but I'm not looking for publicity with it. The few non-close friends and family I've shown never really treated me the same after that....(even some family I've shown, but at least not negative treatment) not something I do often....

I imagine that in the decades to come, we'll get much better at it as humans...and eventually, it won't be so "weird"....

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