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Kielder forest conspiracy

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posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 10:15 AM
There something going on at the old kielder forest in the north of England. Kielder is the largest forest in England. Its right in the middle of Northumberland National Park and next to MoD 'Otterburn' training area.
The general in charge on that base is a madman with a past.

On 11th of July several witnesses described what appeared to be voices and screams coming from area not far from the base. It was difficult to determine whether they were animal or human in nature or where the screams were coming from. However some hinted that they seemed child like, high pitched and desperate.

There was a very weird atmosphere hanging above Kielder that day, one word to describe it : sickening. The animals were restless, particularly the sheep.

One of the cops patrolling 4x4 that day saw one of the locals, a farmer acting unusual: he appeared wondering aimlessly on the country road, when approached he was unable to participate in a meaningful conversation, seemed shocked and had a frightened look. Hes physical condition was also weird, he was a fat farmer no worries but that day he appeared to look extra large, his belly looked as if he swallowed a beer cask.

The area is well known for genetic experimentation, wasn’t the mad cow vial stolen from near by laboratories few years back? Anyway, when a local psychic was consulted, she confirmed unusual animal like voices and she also saw a vision! She saw an arsenal, not your usual assault rifles but an arsenal with injection guns... in a laboratory environment.

Something weird was going on in there that day.

I happened to be driving on A 68, 15 miles north of Northumberland Park, going South at around 1AM on the 12th.
Zoom in on Northumberland and have a good look around.

Anyway. I was driving south at about 50 - 60 miles per hour when i saw a track behind me. It gained on me fats and shortly i gave a signal and pulled over allowing it to overtake. When it passed by i saw what a massive track it was, not a people transporter but like a goods track rather it had a short, alloy/ titanium like cargo carriage behind it.

Whoever was driving it was in some hurry. It was quite a sight to behold and something told me i better get on its tail, i was driving a 1995 caprice... i was following the #er leaving about 1/4 of a mile between me and him, man was he ina hurry, he was doing 80 - 90 miles on a narrow country road, at night, with FOG around on the hills. I had my fog light turned on full and i wouldn’t even want to drive that fast, but seeing it ahead of me i kind of anticipated road turns and i managed to stay on its tail for about 10 miles. Then there was a few major twists on the road, left right left right again and again, i slowed down and there was a small country town, with few houses on left and right and speed camera. I slowed down to match speed limit and lost sight of the track. Mind you at that time i haven’t heard reports of screams in woods yet, i had a lot on my mind and it simply didn’t occur to me to pursue it further.

But anyway, i lost it in the area of the army base.

I dont know whats going on in those woods but some wasnt quite right. I'm gussing local farmers running some sort of contracts with military in the area. Im gonna search some papers and see of any unusual news come up in that area.

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 10:19 AM
"So, just what is the story here? Why is MerialUK is so keen to distance itself from UBI? Could it be that something went wrong during the UK trials of UBI's synthetic vaccine? MerialUK's "Institute of Animal Health" (IAH) had been overseeing foot and mouth vaccine and virus experiments for years prior to the outbreak of the disease. According to IAH documents these experiments were carried out at its HQ in Pirbright, Surrey and other experimental sites in the UK. Two are identified at Norwich and Cambridge, but sites are known to exist in the North East of England.

One of these sites is the Redesdale Experimental Farm close to Otterburn, at a place called Rochester, some twenty miles north of Bob Waugh's Burnside Farm in Heddon on the Wall, where the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Fisheries (MAFF) said the infection first took hold on February 23rd. this year. Until 5 years ago Redesdale was a MAFF experimental site. The brother of the farm manager at Redesdale was one of the first farmers to have his livestock infected by FMD.

dont have any more time right now but someone do please scout the net news sites for anything to do with MCD army and Otterburn.



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