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London/Madrid Terror Mastermind Threatened U.S. With Dirty Bomb

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posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 02:23 AM
link (7/11/05): A new report is now available for download from profiling Al-Qaida operative Abu Musab al-Suri (a.k.a. Mustafa Setmariam Nasar), rumored as a possible culprit in last week's deadly terror bombings in central London. In December 2004, al-Suri issued a statement on the Internet explaining, "if I had been consulted about [the September 11] operation, I would have advised them to select aircraft on international flights and to have put weapons of mass destruction aboard them... now that the American administration has revealed the evil and wickedness of its forces... it is not a far cry from justice to adopt the slogan, ‘Dirty Bombs for a Dirty Nation’... Let the American people—those who voted for killing, destruction, the looting of other nations’ wealth, megalomania, and the desire to control others—be contaminated with radiation!"

PDF Download: PDF File

Source: Global Terror

Wow this sounds like a really dangerous person, I hope they catch him soon, but if they've been looking for him since the Madrid bombings, it's hard to imagine that they will...

Here's some more about al-Suri:

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