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what's with all the sudden leaving?

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posted on Aug, 18 2003 @ 12:40 PM
Isn't that an introduction board? Why do people feel the need to "leave", but why do they need to share-it-out-loud??? Notice the quotes, as merely everyone pointed out that they'd take a peek later, or once in a while.

If you feel that certain people doesn't like you, why feel threatened to leave? I don't get that. Sure some people doesn't like me here, but I don't care. Ok I won't throw # at them, but I won't leave neither. I like ATS. Why let other people rule your life? Isn't there already enough people that do that, why let posters of ATS do it to?

If I had to go away, for some time, for a reason or another, I won't just make useless bla to say so. Hey, time isn't a bareer IMO. If some people respect me or share my opinion, or enjoyed some of my post, I know they'll remember me when I'll come back. Those who didn't liked me, I don't care to let 'em know this little chit-chat about my ATS-visiting tendancies.


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