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(STBSS) The Guardian

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posted on Jul, 10 2005 @ 07:40 PM
Here is another entry from myself that I have titled The Guardian so enjoy and let me know what ya'll think!

You see him step in the door and wonder to yourself what the heck is he doing here? You had strictly told him you didn’t want him to be here for your birthday party. You continue to eyeball him for about 20 minutes before you go over to him.

“I want you out of my house!” you yell at him.

“I’m not going anywhere, man!” he smartly remarks, “and you can do nothing about it!”

In your anger you stomp off. You set in the corner pondering on what you should do. You come up with several ideas with one being to just cancel the party, but that would mean that he would win so it is out of the question. You continue to watch him make small talk with all your friends. Jealousy starts to brew in your mind, thoughts racing around, and all you do all you can to stop yourself from making a fool of yourself or hurting someone.

You notice him step out. Now feeling relieved, you start to enjoy yourself once again not noticing when he slips back in and makes his way upstairs with his girlfriend. After you get done dancing, you head out to your backyard and slip your feet into the cold water of your swimming pool and start eating a hamburger that you had snagged off of the grill on your way over.

After your done eating you go back in and notice everyone standing extremely still around the center of the room. In the center you notice a small glowing orb. You freeze in a mix of terror and amazement. The orb starts flying around and then headed toward the stairs with people parting making a path for it. Then you hear a scream come from up the stairs and see someone fall down the stairs. It is Wally who had snuck up the stairs. All your anger toward him suddenly dissipates and you run over asking what happened.

“This freaking little glowing ball thing came through the door and went into Vicky and she started having seizures or something so I went to open the door and yell for help, but as soon as I got the door open she threw me down the stairs!” he said in a frantic panic.

Everyone slowly started to get as good of a look up the stairs as they could without actually going up or even stepping on the stairs. That is when you hear a window break and you rush up to see what had happened. You see Vicky floating in the air with all kinds of small objects orbiting her. You hear her muttering something in a strange tongue and then she and all the objects come crashing down and the orb came out of her chest and go through the hole in the window. You call the paramedics to come check Vicky out.

Two weeks later you finally get a team of paranormal phenomena investigators to you residence. They sweep the property and ask you questions of the history of the house. They end up concluding that it was a monovalent spirit.

“What was this girl doing when this happened?” they asked as they started to leave.

“I’m not sure.” You reply embarrassingly. “I could call her and have you talk to her though.”
They agree and you get her on the phone and convince her to tell them what had happened. After a little while they turned to each other and whispered amongst themselves.

“Apparently she and her boyfriend were about to have sex when that orb entered the room. It then went into her and apparently took control to prevent her from doing what they were about to do.” They told me as they left.

Maybe we do have guardian angels or spirits . . .

[edit on 7/10/2005 by hatchedcross]

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