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Symbols/Patterns...and how to read them???

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posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 09:28 PM
Can anyone give me any pointers as to how to read symbols, that occur in the form of Patterns......

Or, other more common symbols....

One example could be 'crop circles' would one go about translating a pattern such as that, into......Well, a meaning?

posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 09:35 PM

Perhaps to make myself a little bit more 'understood' here....

I believe that we are surrounded by Symbols, and Patterns, that have 'meaning'....

Eg, the pattern of a snowflake.....

The bark of a tree.....whatever.....etc

And I believe that 'perhaps'.....they could contain some sort of 'Key' to a certain type of 'knowledge'.....that we may, or may not benefit from

posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 09:52 PM

Originally posted by Jacqua

Perhaps to make myself a little bit more 'understood' here....

I believe that we are surrounded by Symbols, and Patterns, that have 'meaning'....

Eg, the pattern of a snowflake.....

The bark of a tree.....whatever.....etc

And I believe that 'perhaps'.....they could contain some sort of 'Key' to a certain type of 'knowledge'.....that we may, or may not benefit from

Perhaps not everything does have an inherent "pattern".

Random sometimes is just that. Random. No rhyme or reason.

Having said could find a "pattern" in just about anything - definition often comes from your own criteria and your own interpretation.

If you're looking at tree bark, for example...why not look at cellular construction? Look at the variations between different types of cells, etc. What is common in certain cells? What differentiates? Which factors affect change?

Might be some place to start.

posted on Jul, 10 2005 @ 01:17 AM
There is no mystical pattern to everything.
If you start associating everything with patterns that have meaning you will
be verging on psychotic. Seeing patterns everywhere is a symptom of some mental
illness, I can't remember which one now, some painters have exhibited this trait.

Anyway, the pattern of snow flakes, tree bark, flowers, etc are fractal in nature,
stemming from mathematical frequencies.

The same as a Rorschach blot is a mathematical mirror image of seemingly random splats of ink.

Deciphering things like crop circles would be a matter of finding the mathematical freuqencies
that make up the image. They are almost all symmetrical and contain geometric variations.
Without knowing the exact size of the crop circle, and the size of the variations one
may very well never find the "key", as any calculations could be off by miles,
or if they represent some cosmic mapping technique, by light years!

The only pattern you might find in the whole universe is some number sequences.
What would you do with those number sequences?
We know that the male human donates 23 chromosomes to the female egg with 23 chromosomes.
But that knowledge alone won't make babies, its not like any old 23 chromosomes will do.

The pattern of leaves is important to know if you are going into nature.
Oily three leave ivy is most likely poisonous, avoid touching!

Practical knowledge of math and patterns in nature is the key!
There are patterns in the DNA that we can study and see are disease genes and such.
There are patterns in the breakdown light that we can use to determine what gases light has passed through before reaching us.
There are patterns in soundwaves that comprise musical notes, and those patterns are mathematical in nature, even speach can be duplicated this way.

Well I think you get the idea by now.

posted on Jul, 10 2005 @ 02:30 PM
What you're talking about is pretty difficult to do;
To be aware of everything around you is a battle with your ego, your preconcieved notions and the concept of reality...

I'm not sure if you've ever experimented with drugs ('___', Mesc, Mushrooms, Datura, Salvia etc..)

All of those drugs act as a key to unlock the flow of natural chemicals your body releases to counteract whatever it is you've ingested, (So in essence drugs actually do nothing to you, it's the drugs your body releases.
Now what that has to do with symbols and patterns is simple.
In most cases any of the drugs I mentioned before will produce thoughts and concepts mostly foreign to you, and they will consist of patterns and symbols which you will believe surfaced from "past lives" or from things you've heard or read.

The problem with the human is we observe everything, our brain takes in soooo much information and we only process a few thousand bits of that information... So while your eyes are looking at the monitor, your brain is also looking at everything around the monitor, (your nose is a good example, considering it one of the bits of information your brain blocks out)

So if this is true, those other millions of bits of information, pattern/symbol, visible/invisible are also being taken in and stored "somewhere"....

Now the brain stores that information as "non-emotional" otherwords with no input or memory, incase one day you're confronted by the exact same thing only this time you notice it within the thousands of bits your actually focusing on....

What I'm getting at is we generally don't look at the moment for what it is, we walk around a world we create, like a laser pointer our minds are focused on what we "know" instead of what is there. We confuse our minds because we believe and have faith in our knowledge, which is wholly inaccurate..

Now the reason I mentioned the drugs is because (especially with '___') Your focus and understanding fades and it's as if things speak to you or have a life of their own and you witness their intelligence, or what you believe is their intelligence because the things you see or hear have no place in your normal thought patterns, (that is you've never seen or heard those things before) But on the contrary, it's you who perceive the electrons, photons in that pattern and it's you who hear/feel those vibrations as symbols of characters (myself and yourself) for all we know our voices could come from a common source (although we know better)

It would be correct for us to say that both symbols and patterns exist and also that they do not exist, because we are the real creators of the patterns and symbols therefore if you wanted to see them better or understand them better the best thing to do is look at everything as exactly the same thing...

I'm having a hard time explaining this, (I've got a lot of people talking to me so perhaps I'll just leave it at this and let you guys ask questions to clarify)

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