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(STBSS) The Find Of A Lifetime

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posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 05:42 PM
we had barely enough time to make it to shore and set up camp before the storm broke. it had been a hard week and even the canoues were feeling the strain. most of equipment was wet so setting up the tents was almost a fruitless effort anyway. but i guess at least staying as dry as we could was all to the best. besides we had learned that cloths dried faster while wearing them anyway. none of us were looking forward to a cold supper as we had no fire as of yet, though we all knew that we'd have to try to build one. can't easily make pizza wthout a fire now could we? i mean banik is bad enough when cooked, no way in hell we'd try it.we all looked at one another as if to dare someone to bring up the subject of food. at least it wasn't my turn to prepare it.

well leave it to our counsoler christoff to interupt our brooding. he stuck his head into the tent. " ok me and donna decide that tomorrow we take rest day. we b uild big fire to dry # out.john and frank you will need to try to fix titanic again mabe this time it work eh.." at this frank and i groaned at this pronouncement before i could stop him frank blurted out "what about mike and ron with the black hole? at last check they had put a bigger crack in it on the last drag we did" there were snickers all round as those two boats were cursed.they had prety much started leaking on the first day out. the fact that we were running a trip that hadn't been used in over 40 years hadn't helped. since we were on the upstream part of the trip we elected to line our canoues instead of cutting our own portages as we hit rappids. that realy hadn't helped our leak problem at all but saved us several hours of hard work. we had tried just about everything we knew to repair them. ducktape, oatmeal, even the propper patch kits wouldn't work on those leaks. well perhapse with a rest day the resin would have time to dry this time. one can dream can't they? bailing realy sucks. so what if we were typicaly half full of water. i wonder why a lot of the equipment was wet.

"don't be smartass, they fix their's too. joanne, sal you make supper tonight. this time leave less cheese on the mold, last time almost waste good of you get wood need lots for tomorrow as well." with that christoff took his leave while behind him there was a call of "danka, sig heil mon furer"which of course sent gales of laughter throughout the tent. "i find out which smartass say that , don't worry" christoff replied. it had been a running gag now the whole trip. what else do you do when your camp councoler looked and sounded just like arnald swartzinegger. another east german that had come to america for school. we all liked him as he let us get away with crap like that with a smile and laugh. in fact he was the coolest counsoler at the camp, the only drawback was that the girls all liked him. at that point we all went out to get wood for supper while donna and christoff fought with the kitchen tarp that we never used and joanna and sal set to work getting the food ready to cook.

one thing about this trip was that firewood wasn't a problem there was pleanty of anchiant log jams that we could get wood out of.. so we did some exploreing as only one person could use the saw at a time. it was then that i spotted it. a silvery form that was entangled in the brush. hey frank check this out, what the heck is that an aircraft wreck? frank and i went and took a look. it wasn't any aircraft that we had ever seen before. it was prety big about 30 feet across but was almost as if it was moulded and not built. also unlike any aircraft we had seen there wasn't any wings. it was a strange oval shape, or at least it had been before it crashed.i picked up a piece and almost fell over backwords, it was just so light. i had been expecting to have to work to pick it up but it was light. oddly enough it was slightly warm to the touch. "uh frank, what the hell is this? it aint metal or at least not any i have ever seen." "i don't know" frank replied and then a split second later "#, #, #!". "what" i responded with a bit of fear in my voice "whats the matter. you ok?"

"yeah i'm fine it's just.......... i don't know but check this out. any idea what this was? i clambered over some wreckage and spotted it in franks flashligh beam. it was some sort of skelliton. "that thing aint human frank. and as humans are the only ones on earth to have intellagance that would make this an ailian of some sort." "ailian smalian" frank replied with a smirk. "everyone knows that ailians don't exist. it must be some guy that got mutated or somethin." "look at his head it's too big. and he was dwarf. see i told ya . it's just some sort of birth defect thats all." "i looked arround and saw a second one lieing nearby. "then how do you explain two of them dumbass". "wh wha what" frank stammered out. "what do you mean a aa another wo one?" "over there check it out. there is no way that there would be two identical birth defects like this on one airplane. also not the fact that there were no wings and the metal feels warm and is rather light" i replied with a smirk of my own. "we're gonna be famous. what a discovery. we've just proved that ailians do exist. this ship alone should be worth a small fortune. just think about it we'll be famous". "look this is starting to realy freak me out. lets go" " just give me a couple of minutes here . there is some realy cool stuff to check out." frank let out a breath and replied "yeah ok, sure but just a couple ok?" "fine i'll be done in a minute. there is some realy cool tools or something here" a second later a sound like a whine just above a whisper breached the silance. "what was that?" frank asked his nevousness showing through yet again. "uh i think it';s some sort of ray gun or something. only the trigger is on the back of it. ok just a sec and i'll be out. this is so #ing amazeing, i can't believe that i'll go down as the one to prove ufo's exist. we're gonna be rich and famous both. this is so awsome".

i grabbed a piece of the metal on the way through so i could look at it in the morning. i had also grabbed the ray gun and what appeared to be some sort of tool set. it had some rather bizzar looking things in it. some were clearly tools not quite like anything i had seen but tools nontheless. we got back to the log jam and found that thouigh they had left us wood to take back, they had already gone back to the campsite. so we grabbed up the wood and headed back ourselves.

when we got back to camp the first of the pizza was cooking over the fire. it looked as if christoff was going to give us yet another of his responsibility talks when he noticed the piece of metal i was carrying. he practicaly jumped up and stearnly asked "where you get that? give it here" for the first time that i can remember he was not smileing. hey it's just a piece of metal i found" i replied defiantly. "that no normal metal, look at pictures" i looked and noticed that there was some sort of strang desighns on it that i hadn't noticed when i grabbed it. "where get" he inquired again a little calmer this time but oviously still upset. by this time everyone was stareing at the two of us and the piece of metal i held in shock.

"well we kinda found a ufo or somethin." i replied in a small voice. "take me now" was the response it wasnt a yell but clearly it was an order to be obeyed. so i took him to the craft. i then pointed out the skelitons to him which oddly calmed him down somewhat. "whats up chris?" i asked puzzled at his rapid change of demener. " we talk back at camp, include everyone. very important to all". was his reply. so we went back.. after ariveing christoff told everyone to eat and that we all needed to talk.

after we finished cristoff gathered his breath and began his tale. "back in old country me da work with kgb on special project.. he work there many years. never speak about it. but that way things work there. if want to survive you not talk about such things. one night he come home and tell family pack to leave. also he say hurry not much time. we left not long after. on way to friends house he tell what he does for so many years. he was involved in looking at how is said ah yes alian stuff. he show me metal that look like that. he smuggle out of lab. just small piece not as big as that." he motioned to the metal i had picked up. "he say something happen at lab many die. alian come alive and kill most there. he say that kgb will kill all involved so story not get out. so he say we go. he died trying to cross wall. was shot. but mother brother and me make it. his dyeing words were never tell anyone, even america dangerous to know. all governments hideing facts that will kill any who know too much. so now i tell you no talk about this or you in life danger. for own protection leave metal here and forget you saw it. after that we all sat and discused what had happened.

the next day the sun was once again out so we had our bonfire and dried our equipment out. we did patch the canoues but go figure though they leaked less we never did stop the leaks compleately. none of us mentioned all that had happened that night but i still have that raygun and toolset. though i have never shown it to people. i just take them out and wonder about all the knowlage thats out there that the governments won't let out. my great discovery and only a few agreed to silance even know about it. i should have known our find was too good to be true. at least i have these things as a reminder that there is indeed intellagant life out there somewhere. life that one day we will all come to know about.

posted on Jul, 22 2005 @ 10:37 PM
Your stories are SO GOOD Drogo...your a great writer! I am having trouble though with your lack of capitalization of proper names and sentence beginings

If you would capitalise better it would read smoother........but your mind is sharp as well as your tales!
Keep it up! You will be published someday I bet!

[edit on 22-7-2005 by theRiverGoddess]

posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 10:16 PM
Great GREAT story...... like TRG said better punctuation and capitilization would make it better and easier to read.

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