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(STBSS) Life Imprisionment

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posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 05:06 PM
Well this is my entry into the contest. Tell me what 'ya think people!

The morning whistle blew and I arose as I do every morning. The guard comes through making sure everyone has woken up and is ready for their first meal of the day. Another whistle blows and everyone steps in front of their door and then they open them allowing us to step out onto the walkway where we form a line to walk to the stairs. After the morning meal they make us to go outside to start the daily farming procedures. After working for a few hours they allow us to take a water break. I turned to Robert who worked next to me and asked "When do you think they'll allow us another day in the yard?"

"Probably sometime next week" he replied. Then the guard came over and made us get back to work.

Later that day at the evening meal I set next to Robert to talk some more. "How could we be dumb enough not to go along with all that stupid crap Congress made law?" I asked.

"Because we had values!" he told me.

"Be quiet!" yelled a guard.

We immediately stopped talking and finished eating quickly for fear of being beaten or executed by firing squad, lethal injection, or gas chamber for disobedience. We live in fear for our lives day to day under these barbaric guards and those up the chain of command.

That night I remember what led up to my fellow countrymen's imprisonment along with my own. First it was one major terrorist attack after another, all which were funded by our government, starting with September 11, 2001 when the World Trade Center buildings were demolished by planes and bombs on its infrastructure. After that, the government started taking away our freedoms. Starting with the Patriot Act letting anyone be charged and taken away for no-good reason. Then the media outlets couldn't put out anything that wasn't approved by Congress first. Then a strict 9:00 p.m. curfew nationwide was issued. People couldn't travel without preplanning the trip and registering it with the military police who had taken over by then. The country which used to be the greatest in the world had dissolved into an outlandish dictatorship imprisoning its citizens in concentration camps for breaking laws. I should’ve obeyed that curfew.

The next day we were allowed a special treat. They had procured several three feet deep and 18 feet across pools and had filled them up for our enjoyment. We were allowed to wade in them for no longer then 20 minutes apiece in the sweltering heat of 98 degrees that day. They fed us authentic "backyard" barbequed steaks for our evening meal that day also. Luckily no one got aggravated enough to start a fight in that heat.

While we were farming the day after our treat was another story though. A rebellious group that had formed on the outside decided it was time to free us that had been imprisoned. As we were farming two men started to fight, and as the guards went to break it up the group opened fire killing the guards and the two fighting. As the rest of us ran, the perimeter security caught up and stared shooting to kill. I was struck in the left shoulder and fell do to the immense pain that suddenly overcame me. A few minutes later I picked myself up and started to move again only to take another bullet in the leg and falling again. As I lay there in the great pain, I wished for sweet death only to receive it when the guards realized was still living.

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