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Fujitsu Triples Fuel Cell Capacity

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posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 02:50 AM

Fujitsu Laboratories announced its co-development with NTT DoCoMo of a prototype high-capacity micro fuel cell and the prototype development of an external recharger for FOMA handsets.

For the prototype micro fuel cell device, the concentration of the methanol fuel used was raised from 30%, the concentration used for the companies' previous fuel cells, to a remarkably higher concentration of over 99%. This enables the prototype device to charge up to three FOMA handset batteries with just 18 cc of methanol.

The jointly developed fuel cell prototype will be exhibited at the DoCoMo booth at Wireless Japan 2005 to be held from July 13 to 15, and at the Environment corner at Fujitsu Forum 2005 from July 14 to 15, both in Tokyo.

The R&D of micro fuel cells with replaceable fuel cartridges is being conducted, with the purpose of extending the operation time of mobile devices such as mobile phones.

In comparison with conventional lithium ion batteries, micro fuel cells offer theoretical performance that is ten-fold, and are capable of high-density storage of energy at practical performance levels three times greater.

In addition, since micro fuel cells can use methanol derived from biomass resources, there is anticipation that they will help reduce burden on the environment.

I really hope this technology catches on,the goverment should push companies to start using this stuff.



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