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Cant believe

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posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 01:58 AM
" I cant believe grandma died", Dave said....

Man, did my brother mourn her death...Dave couldnt handle it....neither could I! I understood the fact of nature--Death. But until I felt saw, earned the right, to REALLY know death...did I struggle to really know what this right of passage was all about.

" Dave, Im sorry, but she's not gone."

It's not the end, you, know. I have a BS in science, an endless quest to reveal the unknown, and an urgent need transverse the planes of reality...But, until it was brought to my attention, I never truly KNEW, what I am about to reveal to you.--So WHAT if I wen to community college.

I like to believe, that I am true to science. My view of life is purely literal. Seeing is believing. But in this instance, you must allow a higher power to persuade you--My first Out of Body Experience was most profound--I did not entertain such nonsence...that is, in the beginning...................

She came to me and pulled me out of my living entity, skyrocketing me, into the air, and brought me to a new land...I was not willing. My astral body was taken. Try after try, I would not relent, then I finally succumed to the feeling of no control. I saw first hand, the land of the dead. It isnt dead at all. Once you relent, youll find it is all about rebirth, enightenment...renewal. The beauty you could ony dream about. Death is not death as we know my friends, it is not the end.

"Dave, We werent religious. We came from a family, in rapture, bound by the church...We decided not to continue that journey. We decided to be real, man. I understand you. Why wont you believe me? "

She told me it's OK. I was there. Its cool. Be true, to yourselves. The afterlife, is very real...As real as real it is right now. Accept your screw ups, your blow offs,... your #u(% ups, ' cause it s not goin away, its all, right there with you.

Its all about energy, matter, not created, nor destroyed.....What ??! You think you're better than that?

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