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Call to all Navy, and Coast Guard folks

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posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 09:55 PM
I'm seriously planning on joining the US Navy, or Coast Guard in the very near future. This is something I've been looking foward to doing ever since I was in highschool (I love the ocean)... now I feel is the time to make it happen.

I'd like to ask any active duty folks, or vets some questions:

1)What was your rating?
2)What did you mainly do (as that rating)?
3)Did you enjoy it?
4)Did it (in any way) set you up for a civilian career?
5)What was your favorite part about the rating?
6)Least favorite?

I'm seriously trying to find out as much info about the ratings as I can. I don't want to become another one of those people that are told "Choose your rate, choose your fate" when it's way to late.

Thanks alot!

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posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 12:53 PM
To answer your questions:

1. Yeoman Second Class
2. Administrative Assistance. I write letters for officers and senior enlisted. Records Management, Cooridinate various command programs, Personal Awards processing, coordinate various types of ceremonies, Legal assisting, discharges, etc
3. What do I enjoy... that is a good question. Probably getting off work. Knowing that I put a 150% effort into it. Doing a good job.
4. I am thinking about going into a police department, corrections or Private Security (Mall Cop), because I really want to do something else. How it is setting me up for a civilian career; Security Clearance, Experiance standing armed watches and roving patrols and Shore Patrol, dealing with seriously pissed off or drunk people while on watch.
5. Favorite part of the Rate is... Having the inside scoop on nearly everything. Such as who is in trouble and what the command is doing next.
6. Least Favorite: Award ceremonies!! I hate, HATE HATE ceremonies! I absolutely HATE all ceremonies. Awards, Funerals and Retirements! I hate them ALL!

Stuff I hated about being at sea. I would be out to sea and think how much I wanted to be on land or go to Los Angeles. Going UA/AWOL crossed by mind every day (Never seriously though, kinda like, "what If I don't go to work today....") I seriously considered once in a 10 year period, but didn't do it because parents and friends talked me out of it.

Shore Duty. After you do your three to six Years of sea duty, you'll be up for Shore Duty. You'll get some limited choices. Because 20+ other people maybe looking for orders the same time you are. You will given a 90 day window to choose orders. If you do not choose, the Detailer will choose for you and you will be stuck with those orders. Don't even think about bribing the detailer, that is a felony.

When you are on Shore Duty. Take advantage of going to College or a Trade school or other civilian training. Because you may just decide to get out after 6 to 8 years of service.

Best times to get out of the Navy.
- Within a month AFTER a lengthy deployment
- After a difficult work-up cycle is complete but before a deployment
- After finishing your Shore tour.
- After serving 20+ years (Anytime is a good time after 20+ years)

Not the best times to get out.
- The day before a deployment starts
- A year into your Shore Duty (If you have a year left on your contract, but a three year tour of shore duty. Extend for those two years and complete your Shore tour).

Don't get kicked out by doing stupid things. Like Drugs, Criminal activities or Alcoholism or going UA/AWOL.

Levels of Character of Service:
Bad Conduct - Can only be awarded by a Military Judge/Court Martial
Dishonorable - Can only be awarded by a Military Judge/Court Martial

You have to seriously screw-up to recieve a Dishonorable discharge. For Drugs and AWOL the most common handed out it the Other-Than-Honorable discharge. General Discharges are also handed down, I've seen a few of those, a guy I knew was given a General discharge for being an Alcoholic, but he never go in any trouble. I also seen another guy get a General Discharge for really poor evals. 2.0 eval marks.

Then there is Re-enlistment codes; Correct me if I am wrong, it's be awhile
RE-R1 - Preferred Re-enlistment
R1 - Allowed to Re-Enlist
R2 - Medical/Dependent reasons 6 month eval period
R3 - 18 Month eval period
R4 - Need special permission from the SECNAV
R5 - Retirement
R6 - Retirement Medical

Then the three letter code for reasons for getting out. Which there are hundreds of them. like MKB, OHM, RGI etc etc etc etc...

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