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summer dream

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posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 06:41 PM
if this isnt up to standerds please feel free to deleate this rubbish as its my first ever story

Summer dream

In the early morning sun Jamal set off to do his early morning chores for his father in the sweltering heat,
This was no ordinary day as today was the worst weather in year as it had not rained for weeks making the ground as hard as rock but undeterred by this Jamal went to work.
As he hacked away at the dry ground he could feel his skin dry and burn,
As the feeling of pain from the sun rippled through his body,
After taking all he could he fell to the ground out of the pain he had endured.
A few hours later he was found by his father who took him home to find that he had fallen into a deep coma which the doctors told his family that the duration of the coma couldn’t be determined.
During this while Jamal was in his coma he was in a Deep dream where he dreamt a great dream.
After 5 year had past Jamal awoke by the side of his mother gazing into her deep eyes,
Immediately he asked what going on, only for her to tell him that he had been out for 1 year in a coma,
During the following days Jamal wrote a small book detailing what he had seen while he was in a world of his own.

Chapter one

With a shock Jamal struck from his bed frightening his mother by his side,
Straight away with his hand over his soar arm he asked her what had happened and why he was in his clothes
Only to get the answer that he had collapsed in the heat,
This is when Jamal remembered about the drought and how little water there was these couple of months,
So during the next few hours Jamal confided with his month and asked her why they couldn’t build a well.
His mother then told him how they couldn’t pay for such venture as almost all their little money they make are given to the government which is used to fund their countries funnelling debt and what little they had was spent to put food on the table.
Meaning they couldn’t afford to venture out to improve things.
So Jamal asked his mother if they could join forces with other farmers around their own farm to build a well which would help fertilize their soil with neutrinos and to for fill their thrust.
His mothers reply was “no one would do this as they to find it a hard to time to make ends meet.”
But Jamal was to optimistic and ignoring his mother went off.

next part coming soon

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