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(STBSS) The Alien Abductions

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posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 12:50 PM

Susan Shelly began feeling a little groggy behind the wheel and turned off at the nearest exit. She pulled off the highway and came into a small town by the name of Hell’s Canyon. The name seemed a little disreputable for a town, but she pursued on to find a place to crash. She noticed the town had a faint population of only 4226. She came across a little motel that she decided to stop at, named Barker Inn.

She parked her car in front of the motel office and turned off the ignition and went in. She opened the door where some bells signified her entrance. Soon, a tall, slender man came out from the back somewhere and addressed Susan with a “Good Evening.”

Susan told the man that she needed a place to stay for the night. The man told her that it would cost her $14.50 to stay one night, Susan thought this was an acceptable price and paid the man up front.

The tall, slender man pulled a key off the wall and told Susan she would be staying in room 3. Susan took the key and thanked the man, then was on her way to some much deserved snoozing.

Susan was on her way to her sister’s wedding who lived 400 miles north of her. Susan’s husband was unable to make the trip, because of business obligations. She would get up the following morning early and drive the rest of the way, she had already accomplished a good 200 miles for the day.

Susan parked her car in front of room 3 and turned off the ignition. She decided to leave her bags in the trunk, she would deal with that in the morning. She walked into the room, it smelled fresh, even had a TV. Susan went to the bathroom and started to run some hot bath water, dispensing a bit of shampoo in it to make it bubbly. Susan always liked to take a good, hot, bubble bath before bed, it relaxed her muscles.

Susan was soon lying down in the bathtub with a wet washcloth over her eyes. The water produced a visible steam and fogged up the mirror. Susan laid in the tub for about 25 minutes until she decided to get to bed. She lifted the stopper and the soapy water caused a whirlpool as it receded down the drain.
Susan dried off and went to the bed, not even worrying about getting a nightgown from the trunk.

Susan fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. That night, a bizarre clicking came from the window as if someone was trying to get in.
Susan slept like a rock and didn’t hear the bizarre noise.

Click…Click…..Click………Click….Click, Click……Click

After whatever was trying to get into the room found out they couldn’t lift the window, next came a kind of drumming upon the window.

Bam…..Bam….Bam, Bam………Bam

Susan was still oblivious of the strange noises coming from the window.

After whatever was trying to get into the window found out they still couldn’t get in, next came a loud hammering.

Bang, Bang, Bang………Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang……….Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang

Susan finally awoke to the pounding of her window. She looked up towards the noise and saw a strange looking hand beating against the window. Susan picked up the phone next to the bed and dialed the front desk. A dial tone proceeded for about 5 rings, but nobody answered.

Bang, Bang, Bang……….Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang………….Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang
By the last hit upon the window, the glass shattered and fragmented into pieces on the motel floor. Susan screamed, she could only see a silhouette of the hand, but she could tell it was not of human form, it had long, skinny fingers and looked alien.

The window was now free to crawl through and that was exactly what the thing did. The thing came into the room head first and tumbled upon the floor. Susan caught a glimpse of the thing and covered her eyes. The thing had reptilian skin and the eyes of a snake. It was a huge creature standing some 7 feet tall, but it was still rather slender like a snake.

The thing now stood erect in the room, Susan uncovered her eyes and ogled at the bizarre looking creature. The creature stared at Susan with interest and came nearer.

Susan sprung backwards as the thing came closer to her and hit her head against the wall. Susan shrieked as one of the things reptilian hands loomed in front of her face. The reptilian hand just brushed her face and Susan shrieked and wedged herself between the bed and wall trying to crawl beneath the bed, but she couldn’t.

“Leave me alone!” Susan shouted stridently.

The thing tilted its head to one side as if trying to understand Susan’s emotions. The thing seemed some- what blank, then tried to imitate Susan’s words.

“Lev ma aone!” the thing shouted in a clacking voice.

Susan stared at the creature in fear. The creature bent over, took hold of Susan’s legs and dragged her out between the bed and wall. Susan tried to kick free of the thing’s scaly hands, but the thing was to strong.

The thing then proceeded to sling Susan over it’s shoulder and walk through the motel entrance. Susan squealed out for help, but nobody came to help. Susan saw a good-sized space shuttle sitting out in the distance. The thing was disc shaped, looked like your conventional UFO with a whole variety of flickering lights on the sides. Some lights were green, others were red and some were orange.

A ramp descended towards the ground, opening up. The thing had a firm grip on the screaming and kicking woman and ascended up the ramp. As soon as the thing entered the shuttle, the ramp pulled up and now Susan knew she had been abducted, their was nothing for her to do.

Susan could feel the shuttle move off the ground, she guessed they were going to take her back to their home planet, maybe perform painful experiments upon her.

The thing took Susan to a small, white room in the shuttle, several other of the things were standing in front of a shiny, metal-looking table holding complex looking instruments in their reptilian hands. Definitely not a primitive breed.

The thing laid Susan upon the table and quickly fastened her to the table so she could not try to escape. One of the things had an elaborate looking syringe in its hand filled with some sort of concoction. The thing came near and Susan screamed at the top of her lungs. The thing then injected the contents of the syringe into Susan’s arm.
Susan felt the alien remedy flowing through her veins. It was actually a pleasant feeling the alien mixture gave her, she started to feel extremely woozy in mere seconds and was out like a light. The aliens began there experiments.


Mark Randall closed his Algebra book and headed out the door. School was over for the day and it was time to go home. It was a Friday, so maybe he could go out to the movies tonight with a few friends, that is unless his mother would let him after seeing his appalling report card last week. Mark exited the school and saw his school bus. He scaled up the bus’s steps and went back to the back where some of his friends sat.

“Hey Mark.” His friend Thomas said as Mark was half way down the school bus.

Mark sat down by his friend Thomas, with Sarah and Toby in the seat to the left of them. Mark questioned them whether they would like to see the new horror flick tonight.

Toby and Thomas agreed rather rapidly, but Sarah, being a girl who enjoyed more sophisticated films rather than thoroughgoing bloodbaths shook her head.

Mark pleaded to Sarah to come with them, but the truth was Sarah reviled such gruesome films and wild horses couldn’t have pulled her to see one.

“Well, whatever, I guess me, Thomas and Toby will go see it tonight.” Mark said ungrammatically.

Sarah stared out the window for a second and then looked back at Mark.

“Well, you know, I really have nothing better to do, so I guess I’ll go with you guys.” Sarah didn’t want to spend a boring Friday night lolling on her bed lethargically listening to depressing music, she would rather be out having a good time with her friends, even if that good time meant viewing zombies gnawing on human flesh and blood seeping from their worm-infested mouths.

The bus pulled to the location the four of them lived, and they all stood in unison and exited the bus collectively.

The four teens walked down the street, Toby was the first to depart, his house was closest. Next would be Thomas who lived just three doors down from Toby. Mark and Sarah lived a little further down the neighborhood and walked together on the side walk.

The clouds in the sky promised rain, a grayish, black loomed overhead. The first drops would be felt momentarily.

They approached Sarah’s house.

“C-ya tonight Sarah.” Mark called to her as she walked up her drive.
“C-ya” Sarah replied just unlocking the front door.

Mark got to his house and went into his house just as the heavy stuff started to come down. His mom stood in the kitchen baking something.

“Hey Mark, how was school?” his mom called to him as he stormed through the kitchen.
“Fine, me and a few friends are thinking about going to see a movie tonight.” he said looking in the refrigerator for something to eat.
“And I suppose you need someone to drive you there.” Mark’s mom said slightly frustrated.
“Yes, well I promise you won’t have to do this anymore once I get my license.” Mark said pulling a Coca Cola out of the fridge and popping it open.
“I can’t wait till that day.” Mark’s mom said with that same vaguely aggravated voice. “Anyway, I got a cake baking in the oven, it should be ready in about an hour, you should try it once it comes out.”

“Sure mom, the movie doesn’t start until 8 tonight, we’ve got plenty of time, I’m just gonna go up to get started on my homework.” Mark said lying of course, the boy never did his homework, especially on Fridays.

Mark’s mom stared at Mark suspiciously and then asked: “You aren’t gonna go see that violent zombie flick are you?”

“Actually, yes we are.” Mark answered as pleasantly as possible.

“You know how I feel about those movies.” Mark’s mom said.

“Well, that’s what we’re gonna see, I’ll be down in an hour, gotta do this Algebra homework.” Mark said running up the stairs to his bedroom.

Mark’s mother knew Mark wasn’t going to do his homework, but probably get on his computer and show up an hour later for a piece of cake.

Mark barged through his bedroom door and tossed his heavy backpack upon his bed, the pack bounced in the air and fell to the floor followed by a loud thud.
“Are you okay up there!!?” Mark’s mom yelled.
“Sorry mom!” Mark shouted back.

Mark heard rain pelting against the roof, saw a flash of lighting light up his window followed by a burst of thunder.
Mark turned on his computer, which was somewhat dangerous during a thunderstorm. There were three new emails on his computer, all three from Thomas, Toby and Sarah. Sarah’s had been sent last. They all said that they would be ready for the movie tonight. Mark emailed them back that Mark’s mom would be picking them up at around 7:30.
Mark then logged off the computer and turned it off, went to his bed and laid down, grabbed the remote control and turned on the TV.

The news was on and a lady was reporting in front of a motel:

“It was here in Hell’s Canyon, Barker’s Motel last night that a woman by the name of Susan Shelly who is in her late twenties has vanished, a broken window tells police that there might have been a kidnapping.”

Mark flipped to the next channel, there was some music videos and he turned up the volume and watched as the rain pelted against the roof, some more thunder exploded in the sky.

Mark rethought what he had just seen on the news. Hell’s Canyon was a small town only about 30 miles away from Logan, the city in which Mark resided in. Logan City had a population about 8 times that of Hell’s Canyon. Mark had been through Hell’s Canyon before and it was really nothing much.

It was now approaching 7:30 and Mark had already had 2 pieces of chocolate cake. His mom was now sitting out in the mini van. Mark jumped in the front seat, they were ready to pick up Sarah, Thomas and Toby.

It was raining profusely outside, Mark’s mom quickly put her windshield wipers on high-force after pulling out of the garage.
The mini van first pulled up towards Sarah’s house. Sarah zoomed out her front door, she opened up the sliding door and jumped in.
“Hi Miss Randall.” Sarah said to Mark’s mom.
“Hi Sarah, can you believe this rain?” She said looking back at Sarah.
“No, this is crazy.” Sarah said looking out the window, rain water gushing down the street and into the gutters and then to the sewers.

The mini van proceeded a little further down the street towards Thomas and Toby’s house. It was dark by now in Logan, Thomas’s door swung open and he darted out towards the mini van and in he came.
“Hey Miss Randall, Hey Mark, Sarah.” He said entering the van.
Everyone greeted him and the mini van crawled a little further up towards Toby’s house. They sat there for a minute and Mark’s mom sounded the horn. Out came Toby, running towards the mini van.
They greeted Toby and now the mini van proceeded to the local Logan movie theatre.

They arrived at the movie theatre at precisely 7:55 pm.
“Come on guys, its gonna be starting in 5 minutes.” Mark said flying out of van and under the marquee where he was sheltered from the rain.
Toby and Thomas got out next and ran under the marquee accompanying Mark.
Sarah told Mark’s mom the movie would be over at about 10 pm and thanked her for the ride and got out and zoomed under the marquee along with the three boys. The mini van drove away and the 4 teens went up to the ticket booth.
“Four tickets to see Zombie Pandemonium please.” Mark said to the young looking lady standing inside the ticket booth behind glass.
Mark paid the lady $8.00 for the tickets and they got into the theatre.
They got into the correct theatre just in time to see the last previews. The four of them sat towards the back.

Sarah sat in between Mark and Thomas, Toby sat next to Thomas. Every time a zombie killed somebody, Sarah’s head rested upon Mark’s arm. Mark thought about putting an arm around Sarah, but he never got the gall to do it.
By the time the movie was over, Sarah had both scratched and bruised Mark’s arm by holding onto it so tightly.

The four teens walked out under the marquee looking for Mark’s mom, the rain had receded.

“Jeez guys, I might have to have my arm amputated after that one.” Mark said teasing Sarah.
“Yeah well, I wasn’t really scared you know.” Sarah said in defense.
“Yeah right.” Mark said sarcastically.

Mark’s mom pulled up at about 10:05 and the four got in, Mark sitting in the passenger seat the other three sitting in the back.

The mini van pulled into the neighborhood and stopped to let Toby off first. Toby departed with farewells and thanks. Thomas got off next with the same farewells and thanks.

The mini van pulled a little further up to Sarah’s house. Sarah thanked Mark’s mom and said teasingly to Mark:
“Hope your arm isn’t to sore, that’s what you get for taking me to a movie like that.” Sarah got out of the car with a playful laugh and went inside her house.

Mark had to explain to his mom what she had meant. Mark’s mom kind of laughed at this and drove to there house and pulled into the garage.

Sarah got ready for bed with a quick shower and threw on a silk nightgown. She got on her bed and pulled her diary out and unlocked it with a key she kept tucked underneath the mattress to keep pilferers from peeking. She wrote about the movie a little, describing it with words like gory, brutal, bloodthirsty zombies. She also wrote a few lines about how she was starting to like Mark, more so after sitting next to him at the movie tonight. She put the diary back in the drawer, locking it of course and turned off the light and went to sleep.

The clicking against the window couldn’t be heard against the pelting raindrops against the ceiling. The reptilian hand clicked against Sarah’s window after midnight trying to get in.

Click, Click, Click……………Click, Click, Click…………….Click, Click, Click………………..Click, Click, Click……………………..Click, Click, Click………………….Click, Click, Click………

A flash of lighting lit up Sarah’s bedroom followed by a rumble of thunder. Sarah woke up and soon saw the eerie hand clicking against her window. Another flash of lighting lit up the sky. Sarah saw the hand clearly with the light. Thunder boomed and Sarah screamed. The reptilian shot forward and the glass shattered. The alien swooped down into Sarah’s bedroom, snatched Sarah up and shot back out the window where the spaceship was waiting.

Mark sat awake in his bed, the thunderstorm was keeping him up. Suddenly, a apparition appeared outside his window.
“What the Hell was that?” Mark thought horrified at what he saw, with the frightening movie still on his mind.

Unexpectedly, a large, reptilian creature busted through Mark’s window and the thing pounced upon Mark with alien quickness.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” Mark yelled as the thing hoisted Mark off his bed and headed back towards the window. Mark saw some strange flickering lights outside his window.

Mark kicked and punched, but the thing had tough, scaly skin that protected it well. Mark saw a UFO-like space shuttle sitting on his lawn. The thing leaped off his house and landed on both feet like a cat.

A ramp descended from the bottom of the UFO and the thing ascended it and Mark was now captured. Mark thought he was having some kind of awful nightmare, but everything was just to real.

The thing took him to a small room in the back of the shuttle, Mark could feel the shuttle lift from the ground as if taking off.

Mark continued to yell as the thing strapped him to a cold table, to his left he saw Sarah lying on the same kind of table, she was unconscious.

Another one of the aliens came near him with a large syringe filled with some kind of bizarre alien juice.
It was then injected into Mark’s arm and Mark could feel the warm remedy traveling up his veins to his brain. Not an unpleasant feeling, but more of a pleasurable feeling the drug gave him. Soon, he was unconscious.


Mark awoke and hoped the previous event had all just been a nightmare, but he had a headache that felt like his brain was 3 sizes to big for his skull. He looked up and saw the bizarre looking lights hanging above, giving the room a fluorescent glow. Mark peered over and saw Sarah strapped down on the table, she was still knocked out by the drug.
“Hey Sarah, you awake?” Mark whispered not wanting the alien beasts to hear.
There was no answer from Sarah. Mark gazed around the room, his eyes fell upon several containers on a shiny, metal-like table. He saw a woman’s head floating around in a green, gel-like goo. Mark thought back to the news earlier that day and the name Susan Shelly quickly rang a bell. Mark turned his gaze back to the ceiling to avoid looking at the container filled with various body parts and organs of the woman.
The drug they had given Mark had severe hangover effects, Mark’s brain felt as if it were throbbing within his skull.
“Hey Sarah, you awake?” Mark murmured again clandestinely.

Sarah was now starting to awake from her drug-induced slumber. Sarah’s eyes opened and she looked a noticeably frightened as she saw she was not at home in her own bed. She looked as if about to scream, but Mark stopped that from happening.
“Sarah, don’t scream, you don’t want those things coming back here.” Mark whispered.
Sarah’s eyes moved towards Mark, Mark saw a glazed look in her eyes, induced by the drug. She then said to Mark:
“I never could have thought in my wildest dreams that this sort of thing would happen.” She said in a rather normal tone.
“Sarah, you need to whisper, you don’t want them to hear.” Mark whispered to Sarah.

Sarah’s eyes looked away from Mark and her eyes scanned the room, soon they fell upon the contents of the table in which the containers of Susan Shelly sat. Sarah let out a shrill scream and Mark closed his eyes, knowing these would be his final moments to live.

The reptilian feet could be heard clicking against the metallic floor. Several grunts could also be heard down the hallway. Mark wondered why such a successful race of beings hadn’t mastered some sort of language, maybe it was just that they had no vocal cords that the human race was gifted with in there evolution.

One of the beasts entered the room where Mark and Sarah occupied and seemed to check for any escape attempts. The beast seemed to order one of the beasts to stay in the room to make sure nothing fishy was going on. The beast obeyed the superior one and stayed in the room. The superior beast left back down the hall.

Mark stared into the eyes of the reptilian beast that now stood in front of them, the eyes were like a cat’s eyes, only much larger. The beast caught Mark gawking at it and Mark quickly darted his eyes to the ceiling. Mark looked at the thing again, making sure its eyes were not looking at him. Mark noticed something in the thing’s hand. He realized it must have been a gun, looked a lot like a regular 9mm, only with a longer barrel and equally bigger grip for bigger hands.

If Mark could only get his hands on one of those guns, he might be able to free himself, only he had no idea how much of the things were on board, he knew there were at least 3, because he had seen that much already. Also, even if he did manage to shoot down the things, they might already be half way across the solar system and Mark had no idea how to fly some alien-UFO, let alone any space shuttle for that matter.

Mark came up with a scheme in which he might be able to pull off a half-assed escape attempt. He would somehow get the guard acknowledged that he really needed to use the restroom.

Mark began wriggling on the table and staring up at the guard.
“I really need to go.” Mark said at the guard not knowing if the thing could understand what he had said.
The alien pulled out a large booklet from a drawer in the table. The thing flipped through the pages and then studied the book for a second.
“What do you need?” the thing said in a bizarre accent Mark had never heard before, the words were almost unrecognizable to Mark.
“Restroom, I need to go.” Mark said again.
The alien studied the book some more and flipped through the pages.
“Restroom, wait just a second.” The alien said in an almost incomprehensible accent.
The thing came close to Mark and loosened the straps around his legs and then loosened the straps around his chest and arms.
The thing then studied the book for a bit longer and then said in that near incoherent brogue.
“Follow me to the restroom, no fishy business or I’ll kill you.” Mark had understood the thing clearly enough and he now followed the reptilian brute down the hall. The thing held the large pistol in it’s hand.

They came to a small room in which the alien opened the door and signaled Mark in. Mark went through the door and the thing shut the door, decent to somebody’s privacy at least. Mark looked down at the strange looking toilet. He really didn’t need to use the restroom, but in here he could plan a way to escape. He saw a shower and above it was a long, metallic bar that held up the waterproof curtains around it. He stood up on the ledge of the odd bathtub and reached way up to grab hold of the heavy pole. He managed to yank it loose and he now had a weapon to come out of the bathroom and bash the beast over the head with.

Mark swung the bathroom door open and saw the alien standing there with his gun to his side. Before the beast could raise the gun to the boy, Mark had already busted the thing over the head with the steel-like rod. The alien dropped to the floor comatose. Mark picked the pistol up that the beast had dropped and pointed it down at the beast’s head.


A laser bolted from the gun’s barrel and struck through the thing’s reptilian skull, a green jelly-like blood splattered against the floor and wall. The beast was dead. The gun had produced quite a racket, Mark supposed the other aliens would be on there way.

Mark ran back to where they had Sarah and freed her from her bondage to the table. Sarah was surprised to see Mark with the gun.
“Come on, the others will be on there way.” Mark said already filled with adrenaline that stimulated the animal within either to fight or flee, Mark decided to fight.

Mark crouched beside the doorway, already hearing the clatter against the metallic floor from the aliens running down the hallway to find their friend dead on the floor.
A loud roar was produced when they found the dead body. Mark was ready to jump out at any second to surprise them and shoot.

The two aliens rounded to the next hallway, heading for the room in which the two prisoners were supposed to be bound.

Mark suddenly jumped out in the door with the gun pointed at the two beasts.


Mark shot until the gun would shoot no longer, the two beasts were on the floor in a puddle of green slime blood. Mark dropped the gun and looked over at Sarah who was sitting on the floor coiled up in a kind of ball with her legs pulled up to her head. Her arms were wrapped around her legs tightly and she was moaning softly.

“Its okay, they’re dead now, we’re safe now.” Mark assured her in a comforting voice.
“Follow me.” Mark said to Sarah. Sarah uncoiled from her pitiful ball on the floor, like a roly-poly uncoiling after all danger was gone.
Mark stepped over the two alien bodies that lay on the space shuttle floor. He was heading for the captain’s quarter, in which he could operate the shuttle, get himself and Sarah back home.
Sarah stepped over the disgusting bodies on the floor, tried not to step in any of the repulsive gunk which she alleged was the things blood.

Mark walked on up the hall towards the front of the alien shuttle. Sarah was right on his heels. After walking up several labyrinths of long hallways, they had reached there destination. A room filled with knobs and levers that had their own specific task.
Mark walked into the room where a large seat sat and sat down in it, looked out the windshield of the spacecraft and found out they were approaching a large circular planet with a ring around it.

Mark spotted a distinctive spot on the planet and it hit him that they were approaching the planet Jupiter. Mark grabbed hold of the steering mechanism in front of him and tested it. With a slight nudge to the left, the entire ship nearly spun round on a dime.
Mark spun the craft entirely around and now headed back towards Earth. The sun gave off a brilliant radiance from here.

Mark saw the smaller, red planet Mars and cruised on past it and was now approaching Earth. Mark didn’t really know how to land the thing, but it was his only option.
Mark came close to Earth now, almost being sucked in by it’s magnetic field.

“Hold on Sarah.” Mark told Sarah who was standing behind him. Sarah took a firm grip to the back of the stationary chair in which Mark sat.

The UFO was now being sucked into Earth’s magnetic field and being pulled downwards by gravity. The outside of the craft had a fire resistant shell, and at this kind of friction, it was well needed.

Mark saw that they were headed towards water down below. A flaming ball shot through the sky, it was the UFO.

The spacecraft hit upon the water, Mark pulled up on the steering lever and the shuttle began to skid across the water.

“We’re doing it!” Mark shouted at Sarah over some considerable noise caused by the shuttle sliding over the water’s surface.


“Look!” Sarah shouted at Mark as she saw them approaching land.

Mark pressed down a little bit on the steering lever to decrease the speed of the shuttle by putting it against more water.
Mark’s move worked a little, but they were going to hit land. The shuttle hit the land and began skidding against it. It was a good thing it was a soft terrain like sand and the shuttle just slided over it. Soon, the sand managed to stop the shuttle to a complete halt.

“We made it.” Mark said joyously to Sarah.

A pretty smile filled both of the teen’s faces as they looked at the palm trees in front of them.

Mark and Sarah had landed on the coast of southern Florida. They got out of the shuttle through the escape hatch and walked about 3 miles up to a quickie mart where they phoned their families back in Logan, Minnesota. The time was only 4 a.m. there, it had only been 5 hours since they had been absent and their families hadn’t even known they had been gone.
The alien craft was hauled to Area 51 on a flat-bed trailer in the Nevada desert and a huge cover up by the government took place, but Mark and Sarah would always know differently. As for Susan Shelly, the government covered that story up with a homicide, it was said her body was found in the forest not to far from Hell’s Canyon Barker Motel. The government even came up with an elaborate explanation of how two teens went from Minnesota to Florida in only 6 hours. A lot of people actually bought the story, but Mark and Sarah had their own true explanation of what happened.

Part II:

Mark Randall sat in his office reminiscing about the night he was abducted. This single moment went through his head at least once every day. He was now the president of an organization that tried to prove the existence of aliens and went at a great length to expose government conspiracies and the what Area 51 was all about.

Mark sat back in his office, it was getting kind of late, almost time to go home. Mark pulled a revolver out of a drawer and put it to his head, pulled back the hammer and almost pulled the trigger when the telephone on his desk rung. Mark put the hammer safely down and laid the firearm gently on his desk and picked up the receiver.

“Hello, Mark Randall speaking, President of Mark Randall Incorporated.” Mark said in the receiver.

“Mark, two more kids have disappeared last night, very well alien related.” The voice was that of Paula Smith, Mark’s personal secretary, Mark had assigned her to the assessing of all children mysteriously disappearing in the Minnesota area.

The Mark Randall Corporation’s headquarters was in Logan, Minnesota and had several other accommodations throughout Minnesota.

Mark’s friend Sarah, who had been abducted along with Mark some 25 years earlier had commit suicide some 8 years earlier. She had been diagnosed with severe depression after the abduction. Mark had also been diagnosed with the same disorder shortly after the abduction. The neurologists had said both Mark and Sarah where suffering from some bizarre chemical imbalance in the brain. Mark was sure that the imbalance was caused by the alien drug administered to them aboard the UFO the night of the abduction.

Mark stared down at the revolver laying on his desk. He had been on antidepressants for numerous years. He had never married, he was strongly attached to his job and finding the truth, most woman probably found him undesirably gloomy from his depression. It is safe to say that Mark Randall was running a kind of X-files operation along with his female secretary, Paula Smith.

Mark locked up the office and headed out the to the parking lot. He dropped down into his BMW, being the president of the corporation conferred quite a salary, he picked up his cell phone from the console. He dialed up Paula’s cell. A dial tone developed. Three rings and Paula picked up on the other end.

“Hello, Paula Smith of Mark Randall Corporations speaking.”

“Hey Paula, this is Mark, where exactly were those children abducted from.” Mark said rather curiously.

“It happened down here in Winslow, Minnesota, I’m down here at the Holiday Inn Burkett, right next to Winslow.” Paula said.

“I’ll be down there later, this # has got to stop once and for all.” Mark said with a tinge of depression in his voice and then snapped his cell phone closed disconnecting with Paula.

“Mark? Hello? Are you there Mark?” Paula continued, but Mark had already disconnected and was now headed towards Burkett, Minnesota where she was.

Mark drove down interstate 85 towards Burkett, Minnesota. Mark had a 9mm with a special infrared laser on it. He had three extra 30 round clips in the glove compartment. Mark’s eyes had gone over the years, now bespectacled, he always wondered if the strangely illuminated lights on the UFO had somehow damaged his eyes.

Four more exits and Mark would be pulling onto the Burkett exit and then he would head down to the local Holiday Inn where Paula was staying.

The clouds above where looking as dark as Mark’s gloomy outlook. A storm was brewing overhead, Mark had taken a cocktail of the fluoxetine, Prozac before he had left so as not to be tempted to pull out the 9mm and blow his brains against the driver’s window.

The Burkett exit was now approaching and Mark pulled over into the far lane ready to get off interstate 85 and into Burkett. The first drops of rain were now hitting upon the windshield, the heavy stuff would be coming down momentarily.
Mark pulled onto the exit ramp and saw the sign:

Burkett, Minnesota, Population: 20224

Not really a very large population. Winslow, right next to Burkett was a little bigger with a populace of nearly 30k.

Mark pulled into the Holiday Inn that sat right off the exit. He went up front and asked for Paula Smith, she was staying in room 3C on the third floor. Mark went to go find her.

Mark rapped on the door of room 3C. Paula answered and let Mark in.

“So what’s the deal?” Mark asked Paula as the strong stuff began to beat against the roof.

“Two children, ages 13 and 14, one male, the other female disappeared last night in Winslow, no trace or nothing, but a broken window, both were abducted from the second floors of their homes.” Paula said.

“You have any ideas?” Mark asked Paula genuinely.

“We could try to beat them.” Paula said just as frankly.

“What kind of weapons have you got, I’ve got my infrared 9mm down in my car.” Mark said.

Paula went over to the bed and bent over, reached under the bed and produced a small, black bag which she put on the bed. She unzipped it, Mark stared down at the bag inquisitively. She then pulled an Uzi from the bag. Mark let out a mild gasp as he saw the weaponry.

“Wow, nice gun girl, where’d you get it?” Mark asked fascinated.

“Down at Abner’s Gun Shack, cost me $95.00.” Paula said. Paula also made superior wages being the secretary of Mark Randall Corporations.

“No questions asked?” Mark said eyeing the impressive submachine gun.

“Nope, not a one.” Paula said holding the gun.

Paula then pulled out a long pouch from the black, bag. The pouch contained seven 45 round clips for the gun.

“You know how to pack a piece girl.” Mark said lightheartedly.

“Thanks.” Paula said.
“Well, we’d better get going.” Mark said.

“Okay, lets go.” Paula said.

Paula put the gun and pouch back in the black bag and toted it following Mark out the door to his car down below.


Mark and Paula stood on Henrietta Avenue, the neighborhood in which two teenage children had been abducted the previous night in Winslow. It was about 9:30 p.m. and it was already very dark.

Suddenly, flickering lights could be seen up in the sky hovering to the ground.

“Look at that.” Mark said to Paula pointing towards the glimmering object descending from the sky.

The object came nearer and nearer until landing in a lawn down the street. The object had raced through Mark’s mind everyday, Mark didn’t fail to remember what the object was, it was no other than a UFO.

A ramp descended underneath the shuttle, Mark unholstered his infrared 9mm and ran towards the twinkling saucer. Paula ran after him like his obedient servant with the Uzi out, she snapped a clip into the gun ready to use.

Mark saw the apparition move down the incline, a flicker of light exposed the reptilian skin, Mark saw right into those malevolent snake eyes that had tried to kill him so many years earlier. It was no longer raining, the storm had moved to the east, but the grass was still wet here. Mark raised his gun with the intent to kill. The infrared beam fell upon the thing’s reptilian head.

“Freeze Mother****er!” Mark shouted in a way Paula had never seen him before.

The beast saw Mark and tried to unholster it’s pistol, but Mark was too quick and put a bullet into the thing’s skull, sending green blood spraying all over the lawn. You can believe bedroom lights started to flick on in the upper middle-class neighborhood after the first gun shot was heard.

Paula felt a little woozy seeing the reptilian beast fall to the ground with a green slush oozing from it’s head. Mark acted like a savage warrior and ascended up the ramp and into the shuttle. Paula followed Mark up the ramp with less enthusiasm by far.

Mark saw two more aliens appear in front of him as he came to the back of the shuttle.


The bullets cut through the thing’s rough skin and flung green slime glopped against the wall. Paula saw a look in Mark’s face that she had never seen before, a look that totally surpassed his usual look of a gloomy basset hound, this look was that of a fierce dragon stimulated to fight and kill.

Mark and Paula stepped over the dead alien corpses and entered the room in which the aliens had previously occupied. Two children were strapped down on shiny, metal tables and looked surprised to see the two human adults come in. Mark undid the buckles that bound one teen while Paula did the other.

“It’s okay, you’re safe now.” Mark said solacing the frightened kids.

Somebody in the neighborhood had evidently called the police, because they arrived just as Mark, Paula and the two teens descended down the ramp.

The police saw Mark and Paula holding guns and quickly exited their squad cars and yelled for them to drop the guns. Mark dropped his 9mm and Paula gently placed the Uzi on the ground, not wanting the thing to go off. Mark and Paula were standing in front of the police with hands in the air at the moment, but soon the whole ordeal would get straightened out. The teens soon told the police that the two adults had rescued them from the aliens that had abducted them.

The police liberated Mark and Paula. Mark explained to the police what had happened. First, the police thought they might have to take the man in after all, but then Mark showed the police the alien body lying outside the bizarre spacecraft.

The police were dumbfounded at the hideous extraterrestrial lying on the freshly mowed lawn, a green cream was seeping from a bullet wound in the thing’s head.

Mark further explained who he was and what his corporation did, and also elucidated upon the occurrence of his adolescence, that this was the same kind of creature that had kidnapped him and a friend and who had also abducted and killed Susan Shelly along with numerous other children and adults over the past 25 years and even before that. Mark also fluently clarified his allegation that the government was trying to hide the evidence, and that they had known about these things all along.

The police didn’t quite appreciate Mark dissing the government, but they also knew Mark wasn’t insane, because the proof lay right in front of them.

Soon, scientists investigated the spacecraft and the alien cadavers. Mark felt a huge burden lifted from his shoulders finally catching the aliens.

The FBI soon investigated Area 51, government assigned scientists had worked feverishly long hours to try to get rid of all the contents of the underground bunker, but it could not be done. The FBI found several UFO shuttles, several of which had been almost terminated by being dunked in a large quantity of strong chloric acid. A lot of the alien bodies had already been dissolved in the same chloric acid.
Several human bodies had been found, very possibly the bodies of those that had been abducted.
Soon, the government was charged with conspiracy and endangering US citizens. Mark’s corporation was granted over $200 million dollars by the government in a kind of act of contrition payment. Mark graciously accepted the large sum and made arrangements with top notch scientists to find the aliens and completely exterminate them.

Part III:
Extermination of the Beasts:

Greg Parson stood in front of one of the reptilian beasts. He raised his M16.


The alien fell backwards onto the ground where green slime began to generously trickle down its alien brow. Greg’s own brow was now moist with sweat, this kind of combat gave men white hair.

Greg was along with 50 other Army recruits assigned to enter this alien atmosphere by the government. Mark Randall was the head of this operation, scientists had found the home of these beasts within Jupiter through the gassy exterior there was actually a core where these creatures lived.

The some 50 Army recruits stood around on the core of Jupiter just waiting for some more alien scum to slaughter. The drill cut through Jupiter’s tough core, the hole being cut so a large 1600 pound thermonuclear warhead could be dropped down into it. The crane stood over the hole hoisted the large and deadly bomb over the almost complete hole. The hole needed to be some 250 feet deep to completely dismantle the entire core of the planet.

An alien ran out with a pistol getting a shot off before being mowed down by automatic gunfire. The laser cut through one of the recruit’s head and then went into Private Parson’s shoulder, slicing all the way through. The recruit that had been hit in the head fell to the ground obviously dead with blood seeping from his space helmet.

“MEDIC!!!” Sergeant Winston barked at the top of his voice seeing Private Parson lying on the ground clutching his shoulder.

Several medics ran from various escort shuttles and began mending Parson’s tattered arm.

Some more aliens with pistols ran out from the fog which densely covered the little core. A blaze of lasers shot through the air hitting several recruits down. Another wave of automatic gunfire filled the air and the aliens soon hit the ground dead.

An alien then dashed out from the fog, sending a laser piercing through the drill driver’s heart. The drill stopped as the driver began to cough up blood and then he died and fell off the seat of the drill machine.

“Get that drill working Private Anderson!!!” Sergeant Winston barked again over the thunder of automatic M16 fire, standing in front of Private Parson.

Private Anderson obeyed the sergeant’s order and ran to the drill machine. More than a few of the alien beasts ran out of the fog carrying pistols and got some lasers off sending army recruits to their knees and then face down in the rocky core dead. M16 fire blazed as Private Anderson worked the drilling machine.

“Monitor reads 250 feet deep Sarge!” Private Anderson yelled.

“Good, now get that sucker pulled up and drop that bomb!” Sgt. Winston barked over more M16 gunfire.

Private Anderson pulled the large drill bit out of the ground and away from the hole just before he was scythed to bits by an ambush of alien laser fire. The army troops now dwindled down to about ½ of what they initially were.

“Drop the bomb!!” Sgt. Winston howled over the rumble of repeated gun fire.

The operator of the crane did just that, the bomb was released down into the hole and that meant they had 5 minutes to evacuate the planet for that was how much time was put on the timer.

“GET TO THE ESCORT SHUTTLES!!!” Sgt. Winston hollered as he helped Private Parson to his feet.

The army recruits ran to the escort shuttles, all of which could now just fit in one since so many had been lost in this alien war. Some laser fire cut down a few army recruits as they ran towards the escort crafts. A few soldiers managed to run and shoot behind them at the same time, others simply flung their guns down and ran like the dickens.

Sergeant Winston helped Private Parson up the ramp of the escort shuttle and the ramp then ascended and began to take off. The beasts continued to shoot lasers at the aircraft, but it was heavily armored.

The escort shuttle burst through the sky cutting through Jupiter’s gaseous exterior and making it to freedom. Sgt. Winston stared out the window of the large planet and began to count down with the rest of the surviving recruits.



The recruits watched from the shuttle’s back window as a large mushroom cloud formed. The explosion sent a wave of energy that could be felt shaking the escort shuttle a little bit. The violent explosion could probably be felt all the way back home on Earth. The planet’s core fragmented into a billion tiny pieces and the gaseous exterior drifted away out of the solar system.

Sergeant Winston removed his space helmet and grabbed the receiver of the small radio and reported back home.

“Mission Accomplished, We’re Coming Home.” This statement was followed by the surviving recruit’s hurrahs and jovial celebration. A cork was popped from a glass of expensive champagne and the celebration began aboard the tiny escort shuttle, as the 5th planet from the sun was now no more but an apparition of what it used to be.



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