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Shadows and Reflections

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posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 07:24 AM
I posted on this site at the start of the year as part of a study for my PHD and I was fascinated by it, especally the conspiracies in religion and Theology threads.

This site is Rich with some wonderful and diverse Ideas and I hope it continues long into the future, however, there is a major, major flaw with this and other such sites.

You see, if the governments of the world are hiding things, not revealing discoveries that may change our perception or idea of history for whatever mischevious reason then it is practically certain that they will employ people to misdirect, confuse and in some cases chase off an individual who they feel is a danger to them either because they are getting to close to the truth or because they have the potential to do so.

These people will be professional and very good at their jobs, they will be adept at persuasion, NLP and other such social devices...they will be heer day in day out so they will learn how to deal with different people...know which buttons to push and which to depress.

Agent Provocateurs they are commonly called and they have been used as a device by the Government since the idea of Government was entertained.

So be aware my brothers and sisters of some of these Moderators, Super Moderators and such like.... take everything with a large pinch of Salt and don't take anything they say literally untill you know it to be fact and even then, still question it.

As for anyone who thinks what i have just said is three kinds of Bull#....think about it.

If you where in a position of power and you wanted to keep information hidden from the masses what would you do to steer people away from the truth??

Answers on a decoded copy of The Voynich Manuscript if you please.

Don't be fooled and careful

[edit on 6-7-2005 by BobDylan]

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