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Political underlyings in "Land of the Dead"

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posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 12:13 AM
Being a big zombie movie buff I was a excited to see this newest romp by romero. This movie had all I expected, zombies, explosions, violence and tacky horror sprinkled with some black humor. But this movie settled differently than some of the other zombie flicks. I have been thinking about it all day and I can't help but feel this movie was screaming something political at me.

(WARNING - may contain spoilers for those who have yet to see it)

Lets start with the title "Land of the Dead", could be a title for a horror movie or it could refer to a land of people who are stuck doing the same thing and are so mundane they could be "the dead". One thing that really struck me with this movie is that the rich and upper class live in a place called Fiddler's Green. Inside this huge skyscraper the rich live luxoriously and feel safe as the outside or "slums" is occupied by anyone not exclusive enough to live in the green, past the slums is a perimeter setup and guarded from the zombie's of the outer world. So here we have a "world" where we have the upper class and middle and lower class who are living together in fear of what exsists outside the perimeter.

Next, some of the higher ups in the green employee some the lower class people to go out past the perimeter and collect supplies. Here we have a classic case of the rich living off the labor of the masses.

There are many other examples of political drive in this film including "sky flowers" and a point where it seems as if the humans are the enemy and the zombies are the one to feel sorry forl.

I have heard all of the "dead" movies have some political undertones to them, if that is true then this movie screams those tones. I went in wanting to see a tacky zombie film, which is was, but I also feel that I have viewed a film on the political status of the US today. I would like to hear anyone elses take on this idea.

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