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Dream Interpertations.

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posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 12:32 AM
I write this thread as I am running out of options and people to talk about this. This is not something I would normally write about. But as the time I have been on these boards I see a lot of people who have a great wealth of knowledge. I am hoping that perhaps you can shed some light on this issue. This starts a year ago when my best friend was violently killed. Probaly around the week after this happened I started dreaming of him. At first it was nothing big. He would always find a way to insert himseld into dreams. For instance I could be dreaming about a crowd of people and he would be in it somewere that I would see and that would all there was to it. These dreams are on a regular weekly basis and sometimes a nightly thing as well. As time went on the dreams progressed to the point were we were in a bar drinking beer and just bull#ting. I can remember these dreams clearly down to the finest detail. However the one thing that I can not remember nor do I see as these dreams continue on is what he is saying. I am beyond the point of frustration. I feel as though my friend is trying to tell me something but for some reason I am missing it or it is being omitted by someone or something. At times I feel I am insane when it comes to this because I firmly believe that this is him and not something my sub con mind as put into play or as many people have said "A process of grieving." I need someone's insight who knows about dreams and there potentials.

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 01:34 AM
Maybe there is a way to communicate to this person in your dreams that you are unable to hear what he is saying. You could try visualizing before you go to sleep that you are going to pass written notes or draw pictures or play charades, some type of non-verbal communication that can help you receive the message you feel he has for you. See if you can hand him a pen and a cocktail napkin, or something like that. Good luck, the message could be important, and I hope you find a way of receiving it.

Try to relax and go with the flow. Perhaps you are trying too hard to reach out to this entity, and that is blocking your reception.

My condolences on your loss. This was obviously someone with whom you shared a very strong bond. Be re-assured that spirit energy endures, and your connection is eternal.

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 02:53 AM
My first question is, if he was violently killed, was it by the hand of another (ie, not a violent accident like a car wreck), if this is the case, look for what you are being SHOWN in the dream, not necessarily focusing on the image of your friend.

It could be clues to the culprit, if that person is not already in jail.
Keep a diary, it will help externalize these dreams so your subconcious does not keep dwelling on previous dreams and trying to make sense out of them, especially after they get fogged over with waking life.

Another thing you may want to do, is when you are going to sleep, tell yourself that you will tell your friend what happened to him and all that happened since. Imagine yourself having a sit down with him and saying "hey look, you died, and so and so came to the funeral, and I miss you and etc etc etc", do this for about a week, consistantly. It could very well be his spirit is persisting in a state of denial, he needs to get information from you more than you need information from him.

I imagine this is very frustrating for you.
It is definately not outside the realm of natural grieving though.
There is probably still alot left unsaid between you, especially with an unexpected tragedy.
You need to externalize all of that if you are going to find peace.
Your friend, may be saying exactly that in your dreams:
"Just let it all out, chill, life is a bar and so is the after life, drinks are on the house"

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 01:27 AM
Answers to your questions legalizer:
Yes, he was killed violently by an IED. There is never anything remarkable in the backgrounds. Nothing that stands out. The people who did this were killed minutes after it happened. I have decided to start keeping a journal on this to help keep it sorted out. All the conversation on my side is of that sort. Letting him know I miss him, etc, etc

Answers to Icarus:
He was my best friend since grade school. I have never been able to change the course of it. Its always like I am along for the ride as if its a pre-written script.

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 06:23 AM

He was my best friend since grade school. I have never been able to change the course of it. Its always like I am along for the ride as if its a pre-written script.

Just like real life, nothing you could do.

You wrote this post because you believe people here have knowledge you do not possess. If you really believe that then believe me when I say you can, and must, change the course of these Dreams.

It does not matter why this is happening, but what you need to do is clear: Talk to him, ask him why he is here. There is something you need to hear, and only he can tell you what it is.

Believe that you can, and you will.

If you do not believe you have the power to do so then work on that. Keep telling yourself 'I will talk to him' until it happens.


posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 05:46 PM


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