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Bob Hunter Founder of GreenPeace passed away

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posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 03:13 PM
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I just watched the memorial service on CityTV, surprised as to why people all over the world don't get a chance to see this. I pity non-Canadians.

His memorial being on Canada Day is huge, a very influential person indeed. His work in greenpeace helped him to leave the world a better place.

Bob Hunter definitely has to be a prime candidate for Canadian of the decade.

Source and for rest of article

Ontario, Canada — Perhaps more than anyone else, Bob Hunter invented Greenpeace. His death on May 2nd 2005, of cancer, marks the passing of a true original, one of the heroes of the environmental movement.

In 1971, the word "Greenpeace" hadn't yet been coined. Bob was a hippy journalist in Vancouver, a town which he described as having "the biggest concentration of tree-huggers, radicalized students, garbage-dump stoppers, #-disturbing unionists, freeway fighters, pot smokers and growers, aging Trotskyites, condo killers, farmland savers, fish preservationists, animal rights activists, back-to-the-landers, vegetarians, nudists, Buddhists, and anti-spraying, anti-pollution marchers and picketers in the country, per capita, in the world."

He is also the reason why ATS has a forum called Fragile Earth.


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