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Who were the Order of Assassins?

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posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 02:22 AM
Hassan Ben Sabbah was the founder of the Order of Assassins (the word came from his own name). During the 11th century he had a group of masterful killers.

Let me back up one second... What we really want to know is why and how someone can blow themselves up for a seemingly feeble cause. (Feeble to outside eyes, I mean).

Well I got that answer when I learned about Hassan Ben Sabbah. He had the most cunning indoctrinatation technique. He would construct an elaberate garden clad with sultry subservient women and basically painted the place in image of the paridise in the Kuran. Then he would send for potential Assassins, one or two at time, he would secretly drug then in their homes, bring them to the secret garden where they would wake up being serviced by the woman in this paradise, spending a day or two in this place. Then He would have them drugged again and taken back to their decrepit homes, where they would wake up thinking it had all be a lucid dream. Then Hassan would send for the men surprisingly and tell them that Allah had sent them a vision of paradise. He would then discuss detailed events that took place in this dream, holding their attention forever. It is rumored that once to inpress a visiting Prince, he called for one of his assassins and they killed themselves in front of him.

The point of this thread is to adress the history of deception, not that none of you never see it yourselves, but that in some places they will completely flip your mind to brainwash you to be their subservients. I would definitely bet that these tactics are installed the same way today, causing the many bombs that rock Iraq everyday. I am not Musilm, by I do sympathize that what keeps so many peacefully and spiritually balanced, has to be bastardsized by a few radical souls. Humbug!

posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 07:12 PM
The Hassasi'n (spelling, drawing a blank) whose sect is now referred to as the Nizari Ismailis are who you are referring to. They were a sect who fought in the Crusades with close ties to the True Knights Templar, follow the teaching of Ismailism. The drugging bit is not true, if it is I've definitely missed something and I consider myself to know alot about 'The Assassins.' They were the first suicide soldiers, spending at times years in the presence of their target, then striking at the opportune moment where often in the act would be cut down themselves. A fascinating group, if not only for their ties to the Templars and thus influence on Western Esoteric though. Hassan Ben Sabbah himself is one of the most intriguing personalites in antiquity.

posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 02:55 AM
there is alot of info about them from william cooper and his radioshow the hour of the time . here is the site just type william cooper in the search and it should be in the second page . the assassins. William cooper know alot about them so please check it out.

posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 05:02 PM
Hashishins. The drug used was ... Hashish.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 09:45 PM
there are two arguements, however. The Hashshashin recieved their name from the drug they used, hashish, or hash, in the modern language. A few people believed they recieved their name from the founder of the order, Hassan i Sabah.

and for the part of them drugging the potential assassins and having them in a garden, the bit about the vision of Allah is not entirely true. Some people say that the order would tell its nominee assassins that in order to be in paradise, they have to follow the orders of Hassan, instead of telling them it was all a vision. and as well, they dont return them home. they throw them in a cell, so dirty and hot, they would think it is hell. and they tell them, if they want to experience the heaven they were in before, they will follow the orders of the leader, Hassan.

posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 03:08 PM
as stated above the order of assasins where a cread made in the 1000s to 1200s it was in the early 1200s a german man named Freddirick came up with the phrase we know today as "nothing is true, Everything is permitted" to say nothing is true is to understand that society is fragile and we must shepard it as farmers to ensure it is stable. to say everything is permitted is to understand you are the architect of your own history. what you do in life be they good or bad will be with you forever.
This phrase i believe came after hassan ibn Sabbah was alive so until then the assasins where a little more violent. as well as using hashish Hassan also used one method to get new recruits. the man considered himself a god among mortals. Claiming he could use his mystical powers to do extroadinary things to impress possible recruits to join. One method he used was as follows. he ordered a servant to dig a hole so deep in front of his throne should a person go into it their head would all be shown. then he ordered a servant to get in the hole. a metal tray used to have plates on it had a hole in the middle so the head of the servant could go around it (giving the illusion the head was severed on put on a plate) dirt and animal blood was added to add to the effect. the soldier then appeared to have been freshy exhicuted and his head put on a plate.
when the possible recruits came Hassan pointed to the "severed head" and said he could bring it to life and have the "dead" soldier speak praise and honour of Hassan. the servant then sprang to life doing so. the new recruits were very much impressed and joined the order. they left in hushed voices of atonishment and joy. later that day the servant had his head chopped off and put on a pike just to prove the servant was dead.

i'll assume the method was used a few more times or the hole was then filled up.

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