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Religion as a view

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posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 05:12 AM
After reading some other threads on this site, I've learned a lot about some really interesting beliefs from some particularly interesting people.

I'm a practising christian, as in, I believe that the fundamental rules of christianity are the basics for my ethics (I care about everybody and everything that is around me and beyond), that's not to say I'm some brown nosing martyr though.

The ten commandments was a cracking idea and to the most part has structured human nature for a very long time.


Satanism, is, (if you can see past most of the loons who take to it because "No-one understands me" etc.) an interesting philosophy. The idea of "The self", does have it's plus points. If you go to the it has some interesting as well as some bonkers ideas (Hells army being one), which before I sound like an Anti-Satan, is also true about christianity, which in itself can be interesting and at times, completely hat stand.

Up to the point I got to hells army, I was getting the feeling of enlightenment, which was appealing.
After mulling over the two poles of religion and taking into consideration Islam, which I see as the fairest of all religions, I have concluded that, I am indeed an unmovable agnostic.

Faith is an essential aspect of human kinds existence, but when you combine two poles of religion into one human mind, thats when you get issues. For example, to behead someone in the name of a god, is and always has been an atrocious idea, but look behind the images and stories of ,for example, Iraq and you will see that most of these people are actually acting on behalf of themselves, personal gain. Be it money, power, fame or all of them, that's their goal. If I broke it down using my own (no-ones elses) thought patterns, I assume that this is an amalgamation of Islam and Satanism, on one hand actually believing that your god is with you, but also thinking about an ultimate personal goal.

Every war is fought over religious beliefs or money.......The "All" and the "Self", opposite poles. So I began contemplating the idea of "What if there was no religion at all"......would that equate to some kind of "Utopia"?

Well no, that's the whole catch 22. Religion does us all a favour by having boundaries, which does in a sense create overlapping beliefs and a "oneness" to us all, this is then shattered by petty arguements over a verse in one book differing from another verse in another book.

After all of this, I think there is a god (maybe I should say Diety), of some description, whether it be an alien life form or otherwise. I do think that he has left us to our own devices, he isn't watching over us (If he is I think he is taking the p*** sometimes). I also have come to the grand conclusion.....

(Drum roll)

Humans are crap, really crap and how we evolved into the dominant species is further from my sense of logic than anything else. We inherited a planet, buggered its resources up, made communities hate each other and also created an ambivolence to suffering.....

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posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 05:21 AM
Bugger.....I've just realised this post will be moved. My apologies admin.

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 07:25 AM

Humans are crap, really crap and how we evolved into the dominant species is further from my sense of logic than anything else. We inherited a planet, buggered its resources up, made communities hate each other and also created an ambivolence to suffering.....

That's what "religion" is all about. Great stewarts of the planet, eh?

Beware the teachings of man, and beware the teachings of the church.

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 07:54 AM
Very good analysis. One thing about satan that always got me thinking, if the story is true about him trying to take over heaven with 1/3 of the angels - he thought he had a chance. Why he thought he had a chance is interesting to ponder.

I think the differences are 'the self' (satan) and 'the all' (the creator) - I prefer 'the all', or oneness with everything.

While the biblical story of Christ's life is most likely fiction, I believe his words were recorded pretty close to fact. He was by far not the only one with the same message.

You cannot trust man, man is man's worst enemy. Man is what destroys man because of 'self'. If man is not not as smart as man thinks he is, then 'the all' is the only way for man to survive.

I have always thought that the worlds religions have an element of truth to them, but also a darkness as a result of 'self'. A search within ourselves throughout our lives shows what the real path is. I think each of our paths are different - to serve it's own purpose to 'the all'.

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 10:37 AM
Ah, like's not everyday I get to communicate with someone like you godservant. I'm truly fascinated by religion, but I can do so without getting dragged in, which all in all makes a damn interesting and healthy curiosity.

The self, is a true representation of various aspects around us i.e. A soccer player from england will move clubs to earn around £90,000 a week, even if the club he moves to has no meanng to him.....the self looking after the self.

The up coming Live 8 thingy is a good example of the "All".

Now I'm not for one minute saying that the soccer player is a satanist, nor am I saying that everyone at Live 8 will be a church going christian...I am noticing more and more how prevalent basic religious ideals are, looking at life at a different angle.

The Qur'an and the Bible have been directly responsible for more deaths than I could possibly count, yet the leaders of both religions have always claimed they are fundamentally peaceful religions.

How screwed up is that.......I'd love to be able to travel back in time and hide the ink of the writers of these two books, just to see what would happen. Actually, thinking about it maybe that would be the age of Aquarius (dont believe in that though).

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 10:52 AM
There is a difference between what a religion stands for and preaches, and what people of those religions will do under the false presumption that their actions further their religions viewpoint.
A recent example that you brought up, the Muslim religion is truely a peaceful religion, when it is based off of the Qu'ran as a whole. The problem of where Jihads and the Crusades comes in is where one or two lines in the various religious texts, ie the Qu'ran or the Bible, are given more precedence than the message of the texts.
Example, In the bible: Thou shalt not suffer a witch, nor shalt thou not suffer to let the witch live" was used to kill a number of people (and animals) in Salem, Mass. In the Qu'ran, there is a line of text that is of a similar strain which says something like they should kill infedels. Sorry, I am not a student of the Qu'ran so I cannot quote it. This line is what the muslim extremeists are using to validate thier jihad and kill all non-believers in Islam.

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 05:05 PM

I totally agree with you. It's possibly one of the greatest tragedies about religion, in that human nature, such as it is, will eventually create a bad guy to kick up a storm over a line that he/she has manifested into a much greater and poignant issue.

This is good, that people learn from this, I certainly have and despite all my failings (of which there are many), I actually am at peace with myself and my immediate circle. I take solace in the fact the people all round the world truly understand what human nature should be.

One day, when it's all too late, I think as a species, we'll stop and think......."Oh! I understand now".

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