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Our world is just one of a few.

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posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 10:18 AM
I'm just happy that they finally made a forum for origins and creationsim.

Alright here's my theory:
For a while now I've seen similarites in mythologies and religions about the world's origin. They all had the fact that there is a ruler for the good side leading "angels" (these may also be minor gods or other beings), and there is a ruler for the bad side leading "demons".
It seems apparent to me that both sides are balanced with a council and elected leader. Also they each seem to have their own world, a world of light and a world of darkness. To balance this there is our realm, a gray world. Where the lines of light and dark are less defined. Where in fact a demon could be good and an angel could be bad.
Our souls were put on this world to be guided by these higher powers, sort of like a maze for lab rats. Though they can't actually force us to do something, they give us clues at to what we may choose. Whether it be down to a dead end or a path that gives us a way out.
Our bodies still die and a majority of our souls are reborn into new bodies. Thus agreeing with the belief of "old souls" and yet more souls are greated ("new souls"). I do not believe there is a direct path leading to a heaven or hell. Just that there is an "inbetween" of sorts that souls float in, waiting to be reborn or to pass onto another unknown world (possibly heaven, hell, or simply oblivion).
Every one has there creation myths, mine is just that there is a larger power out there that nobody can even imagine.


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