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Did anyone C..?

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 07:38 PM
Fox, the all time quality professional NON biast viewing for honest average americans.......

Pssht... yeah right.

Watching it last night there was a report on Gitmo and what should be happening, in regards to the allegations that have been said.
We had a Republican Congressman from Tenesse and Oklahoma.
These two HONEST looking chaps, whom would 'honestly' criticise there gvt if they thought there was good merrit visited gitmo, and then returned with their findings.

Does FOX really think we are this GULLABLE?

The way these two spoke, they way they answered there quetsions.. it was CLEAR as day to me they were COACHED into giving their findings.
They both HAD to EMPHASIE The words ' Enemy Combatants ' , 'Al Qaeda & Taliban '
It was a joke... a complete waste of time.. why would two republicans, whom prolly are gunning for political gain come out and criticise the gvts control of gitmo..
They would of prolly agree'd to say anything and everything in order to keepthere black suit wearing friends smiling.

A small private independant investigation made up of scholars, doctors, and people completely outside of the governemnt needs to be setup in order for the public to have ANY Trust in them.
Its almost insulting they made these two give their accounts of the situation.

Its like having A NAZI approve Auschwitz saying everything is in order, all prisoners are being kept indoors, fed and clothed and are working happily.
'IM NOT COMPARING GITMO TO the NAZI's, but i am comparing the actions from the US foficials to the NAZI's '

Then their was the new IRAQI PM and George Bush standing on the podiums in Washington only a matter of days ago.

Didnt appear the IRAQI PM was reading a written statement?
He had to stutter, stop and try to re-read the words.

If this was his statement, he'd of written it in his native tounge, and he would of been able to recall his words.
It was clear the BUSH Admin WROTE this speach, and htem pushed him into talking it.

He had to stop for 1, maybe 2 seconds to re read what he was saying and pronnouce it.
Only a day later Rummy comes out and says 12yrs of the insurgency left, then the IRAQI PM comes out and says no no no its 2yrs,

Has Rummy been sidelined?

This all becoming a joke.
A long drawn out PATHETIC joke..
and I pitty any American, or any citizen of this country whom is openly SUPPORTING this war on terror....

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 08:11 PM

Originally posted by GlobalDisorder

Does FOX really think we are this GULLIBLE?


Fox News and Fox TV programming in general is for the happily blinkered, for whom the spoon feeding of Bush-friendly soundbites is an important part of their citizenship and contribution as unquestioning drones to the nation.

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 09:00 PM
C'mon, they're FAIR AND BALANCED (TM).
Nobody has to watch FOX; there's always the journalisticly honest and unprejudiced news reporting of CBS, NBC, PBS, and NPR to rely on.

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