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Historical Analysis

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 01:48 PM
3296 A.D., Southeastern Europe. Dr. Morka studied the strange golden disk before placing it in his pouch. He collected his tools and headed off to main camp to see what all the comotion was about. These digs were popular with the college crowds, and they tended to be a rowdy bunch. Everyone wanted to know more about the history of their planet. Everyone wanted to know more about America's past.

It was where the money was today. Find a unique ancient artifact which could be reversed engineered, and you were set for life. Dr. Morka, like most archiologists, was in it for the money. He had just unearthed a goldie, a disk, golden in color on one side, which contained video documentaries from the twentieth and twenty-first centruies. If this was a new one (there were many copies of the same ones) it would land him at least 5 years worth of digging funds. Even if it was rare, it would still finance 2 years worth of digs.

Ahh well, he had already unearthed some 67 goldies with the documentary "Ferenheight 9-11" in this place, and he suspected he had found yet another. He threw his bag over his shoulder and marched off towards camp.

Camp was still fairly orderly. Dr. Morka had had time locks placed on all the fridges which contained alcoholic beverages. This way, no one was drunk before 8, and no one had the ability to break the rules. Working with all college get-rich-quick losers had its drawbacks. Most of them still were naive enough to think they'd get a big break in their first year, retire, and drink their lives away. The reality was far starker. Dr. Morka had been doing this ever since the European peninsula had been declared livable again, and that was 30 years ago. Most everything he discovered already had been discovered in America Alpha. Every trip's profit was used to finance the next trip, and so on, always hoping for that big catch. Now he was getting old. He didn't care about the money. Now, he wanted to be remembered.

As soon as someone spotted him, they came running from the camp to meet him.

"Dr. Morka," puffed an out of breath student excitedly. "You have to come see this!"

Dr. Morka let the schild take his hand and lead him towards the sight. Ahh, youth. They were so impetuious, they never stopped to think the site would still be there, run or walk. The doctor ran alongside the student anyway.

"We just found it 2 hours ago, and digging is slow. It's really intricate. Oh, and I'm Blyes" Bleys puffed out as they jogged to the site. Dr. Morka kept quiet, starting to wonder what they may have discovered. "Here we are, sir"

The whole area had been tented off to protect it from the elements. Whatever they had found, it was big -- the tent area was at least 20 yards by 20 yards. Dr. Morka whistled. "We find a city down there or something," Dr. Morka joked. The huge grin returned by Blyes shocked him. He picked up his step and walked into the tent.

"Doctor, I'm glad you've finally gotten here," Marco Lowet said. "Where have you been?"

"Unearthing some golds," Dr. Morka said, vaguely wondering why he was explaining himself to a subordinate but primarily viewing the area around him. "What do we have here?"

"Sal found a little glass ball in the dirt about 5 hours ago. She started digging around it and discovered a filiment device, but one of the filimentless types. A...diode, I think they're called, according to the documentaries. Anyway, she went to unearth it, you know how we've been trying to develop that technology for years now, a filiment device which won't burn out, but she discovered something much, much more."

"How much more," asked Dr. Morka.

"About 7,000 tons."

"It was part of a building? A building survived the nuke war?" Dr. Morka was incredulous.

In 2065, Germany and Iraq had a disagreement that lead to war, resulting in the destruction of most of Europe. Germany, who had nullified all debts Iraq owed her in 2004 during the liberation of Iraq, renigged after Iraq became a major economic superpower in 2034. Iraq refused to pay the outrageous figure, which included at 300% markup for sons and daughters lost in the liberation of Iraq (Germany had not participated, but claimed many Americans of German ancestory had died). Germany was in a major economic recession and was looking for anything to get its self out.

Iraq, naturally, refused. Germany's at-home propoganda machine had made this issue with Iraq the only reason Germany was currently so poor, and the people began to demand the use of force to get their money back from Iraq. Germany had not counted on Iraq's military might growing as quickly as her economic might through democracy. Iraq repelled a paratrooper invasion of Bagdad and responded immediately, leveling Bermen and taking over Munich and Berlin within a 72 hour period. Germany cried out to its allies, and world war 3 had begun. By the end, there was nothing of europe, most of the middle east was glass, and China, who had tried to step in at the end and take over everything, was an irradiated wasteland. That 72 hours had changed the world and threw her back almost 1600 years in technology.

"Doctor, Sal discovered a metalic structure which we estimate wieghs 7,000 tons."

"How did you arive at such a conclusion, son?" asked Dr. Morka.

"Sir, we've found the Eiffel tower. We've located the lost city of Paris."

posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 09:11 PM
Intresting junglejake, keep um coming!

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 10:53 AM
good stuff JJ
a few spelling errors and typos but that's about it, the story itself flows pretty well.

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 11:55 AM
hehe You can tell when I post something from at home -- I don't have word to spell check my text
I am a terrible speller!

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