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Mods you are gona love me for this...

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 01:46 PM

Long Post Dedicated to Moderators.

Tired of those pesky goverment agencies spying on you? Afraid ATS will face another attack (I had to face the real world when it happened
). Well, introducing the solution to all your problems, TearDropsCounter v.2.1.


TearDropsCounter can do two jobs:

1.- TearDropsCounter is a program that you can install on any Web server which counts TearDrops-IP, that is, the visits of the institutions that "in theory”, guard human rights and freedom on the Internet.

For example, some official or private institutions that could "investigate" and censure your Web like: RIAA, Sony, Warner, etc etc. The program TearDropsCounter detects, counts, blockades and redirects these institutions to another Web page.

It can detect each teardrop-IP because, like telephone numbers, on the Internet everybody has a unique number called "IP-number"... The same as we can consult in the white pages to know from whom a telephone number belongs, on the Internet it is possible to do the same.

(Sorry for poor translation, don't know why they have so bad grammar, tried fixing some of the worst mistakes but some small flaws remain. I’m just a little lazy )

2.- In the other hand, the program TearDropsCounter can detect someone who tries to find personal information about your website or about you (in other words, the "TargetBody"). When the program checks the HTTP_REFERER, and finds any word from "black list of words" ("" or "") TearDropsCounter logs the visitor.

For example, if your list of words are "john, smith, 4x4, Sydney", because your name is John Smith, you live in Sydney, and someone input the words "John Smith Sydney Australia" in,, etc and entered your webpage, the program TearDropsCounter detects this situation and logs the visitor (in this version 2.1, the program TearDropsCounter only saves the access, but doesn't direct to an alternative Web page). (Tip, put keywords for RATS, and any other REAL conspiracy.)
You drooling yet? Well you can download the program at I'll post the download instructions below for convenience. The part below I didn't spell check so it might be a little confusing but you'll get the basic idea. Also the have a notice sign saying:

Can do you help us to translate better this website?
Thank you!..............

Someone please help those poor souls...

TearDropsCounter don't use SQL code, nor MySQL, only simple text, and it's available in two languages:


Decompress (".ZIP") the file and you will have one folder with the following files (we recommend to changes the default name folder, for security reasons):

(More information in FILES DETAILS)



activity.log (*)
IP-XXX-XXX-XXX-XX-.count (*)

(* NOTE): If don't exist, TearDropsCounter create the file automatically.

Now open the or with any editor program (like Vi, Windows Notepad, Joe, NoteTab, etc) and modify the necessary.

Finally, when all the files are in the web server and the updated is there, you need to open the home page with your browser (default.asp or index.php).

We recommend too, to write the next tag between the and tag of all your web pages:

Because if not, the people can visit your web page through the "Google's Cache" (and skip the TearDropsCounter


1.- The "Include" most important is the "detector". Insert the following line in your web page. The name of the page must finish in ".asp" or ".php" (for example, default.asp or index.php):



2.- For see the counters list, insert the next line, in your webpage finished in ".asp" or ".php" (i.e. default.asp or index.php): NOTE: The data in the tables are fictitious.



visits IP owner First date Last date
2 Sony PGIPDB 10/09/2004 21:52:12 10/09/2004 21:52:13
7 Sony PGIPDB 10/09/2004 21:47:56 10/09/2004 21:51:33
5 Sony PGIPDB 10/09/2004 21:52:19 10/09/2004 21:52:22

3.- For see the detailed Log list, insert the next line, in your webpage finished in ".asp" or ".php" (i.e. default.asp or index.php): NOTE: The data in the tables are fictitious.



Date IP IP Proxy Owner From Page Page Website Browser
10/09/2004 21:47:56 Sony PGIPDB Default.asp localhost Mozilla/4.0
13/09/2004 11:48:01 Sony PGIPDB Default.asp localhost Mozilla/4.0
17/09/2004 23:22:12 Warner florida Default.asp localhost Mozilla/5
20/09/2004 12:52:19 Sony PGIPDB Default.asp localhost Mozilla/4.0
26/10/2004 04:28:22 Sony PGIPDB Default.asp localhost Mozilla/4.0

File details[asp php]: This is place for configuring TearDropsCounter! Open the file with a editor program and check it, it is very simple to change the configuration.

example1.[asp php]: Example 1 to learn to use the "Include Detector" ([asp php]). In the PHP version, save a "test file" in the "/logs" folder for check if CHMOD are correct.

example2.[asp php]: Example 2 to learn to use the "Includes" that uses the TearDropsCounter, that much to detect ( [asp php]) as to shows the results ([asp php] and[asp php]).

underconstrution.[asp php]: Example 3 to learn to use the "final page", which TearDropsCounter shows only to the people included in the "black list" (webguarding.www). This page shows how log the Teardrop-IP without redirect it.[asp php]: This "Include" is the most important, checks the IP of every visitor of the web page, and logs it (activity.log) if it has been found in the "black list" (webguarding.www).[asp php]: The Include that shows the counters of every teardrop-IP.[asp php]: This is the "Include" which shows the log file, in other words, it shows who and when, each teardrop-IP occurred.[asp php]: Language functions used internally by the TearDropsCounter program.[asp php]: Many functions used internally by the TearDropsCounter program.

webguarding.www (A.K.A. guarding.p2p): This is the "black list" with teardrops-IP. We have got this file originally in the PeerGuardian website (we recommend strongly to use their fantastic PeerGuardian program).

The PeerGuardian is used in Peer2Peer nets (eDonkey, Kazaa, WinMX, etc) and is a program that defends you against spies such as RIAA, Sony, Warner, from any direction IP (or rank of directions) that you have filed, blocking the connections of these IPs and not allowing to extract any information about your computer.

We think that our file webguarding.www is better than the original because we have added more IP's from many European countries (October 2004), but you can update the file guarding.p2p (same format than ".www" files) if you like, we will make our program totally compatible with it.

activity.log: If it doesn't exist, TearDropsCounter creates it automatically. All data of the teardrop-IP are written in this file, including the date, the IP, description, from which web site has arrived, etc.

IP-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-.count: If doesn't exist, TearDropsCounter creates it automatically. The number of visits for each teardrop-IP is written in this file.

General Dataflow

Get IP and "IPproxy" of visitor.
Open IPs range list (webguarding.www).
Detect and log keywords from HTTP_REFERER.
Loop to read the list, line to line.
Compare vIP & vIPproxy, with IPs range list.
If a coincidence exists:
Log it, if it's active.
Increment the counter, if it's active.
End If.
End Loop.


You have total permission to copy, to modify and to use this program. You can hang it in your Web page or where you want, without requesting permission from anybody.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU (General Public License) as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your discretion) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.


You can send us a message, but remember... we never answer for different reasons (we haven't time, a lot of virus, bad people, etc). We apologize.


Can do you help us to translate better this website?
Thank you!


(c) TearDropsCounter 2002-2005
Please, copy our website, make mirrors, do whatever you want. ^o^

Edit: Terrible source grammar and presentation

[edit on 27-6-2005 by Azure Twilight]

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 01:56 PM
Nothing like a little bit of that "pink and tasty treat, that can't be beat."
We recommend too, to write the next tag between the HEAD and HEAD tag of all your web pages:


Because if not, the people can visit your web page through the "Google's Cache" (and skip the TearDropsCounter

Kind of defeats all the effort we have been making as the largest conspiracy website on the net. No Google... No growth... No good. Cache is cash.

I'll put my faith in the Spandex One regarding board security.

Spam Monkeys, not just for breakfast anymore...

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 02:07 PM
Well the other stuff is still usefull, just don't add the google thing. Don't ruin my moment of glory


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