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YouGov/SkyNews Survey on Britain, Europe, G8

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 10:13 AM
I just read through a poll on Britain's feelings towards the EU and was really surprised by the results. There are many Britons who are unhappy with the EU and think it has not benefitted them.

When asked the if Britain has benefited from being a member of the European Union 35% feel membership has been a benefit and 45% think it's harmed Britain.

When asked, 'Should Britain seek to have a stronger relationship with the European Union or with the United States?,' they did pick Europe over the US but there still seems to be some discontent.

When asked about the 10 new members of the EU, 31% said it was wrong to add them to the EU. Preferring a 15 member EU.

They seem to be opposed to many of the countries listed as potential candidates for accession to the EU but they think highly of Norway.

Here's the poll:

This is a shame because I hope for the success of the EU as a counterbalance to the US.

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 12:05 PM
Times change and they will again, I'm sure.
In the UK during the 1970's the mood was fairly 'pro-Europe', that changed to some - as yet undefined - degree (although a scepticism is not exactly a hostility, for most, either) in the late 1980's.
It can change again.

As for the enlargement?
I think the latest goings on are going to slow any future expansion of the EU right down.
I think we may see the enlargement to 27 in 2007 happen (because it is well on the way already) they just might take Croatia in in 2009 (again only because it is well advanced already) but I can't see anything happening beyond that for a long time.
(certainly if Turkey was at least 15yrs away before this I'd say 20yrs+ now; but still never say never, if a week is a long time in politics what's several years?)

People need to see the EU influencing their lives for the better.
The working time directive is a good example. In the UK it is usually presented as an example of the EU attempting to 'remove our freedom to work whatever hours we want'.
Of course try telling that to the legions of people coerced into long hours to make the ordinary things in life affordable!
IMO it's just another version of the old 'minimum wage arguement' all over again......with China and India now thrown in as the new scare story.

Britain has always had an odd semi-detached view of Europe - considering how our history and culture are so closely bound together; we even have an unfortunately sizeable nutter element who have deluded themsleves into thinking Britain isn't part of Europe!

But, as the world develops and the major trading/political blocks evolve I think the British attitude will change as the disadvantages of placing ones' self on the periphery are seen more and more.

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