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US Emergency Powers in a Health Crisis

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posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 07:51 PM
I've been reading up on what might happen in a health crisis in the US. The first part says the organized militia will assist the public health authorities to maintain order and assist in the emergency. Here are some additional highlights:

"Use of Materials and Facilities: To procure by condemnation or otherwise, construct, lease, transport, store, maintain, renovate, or distribute materials or facilities as may be reasonable and necessary to respond to the public health emergency, with the right to take immediate possession thereof. Such materials and facilities include, but are not limited to, communications devices, carriers, real estate, fuels, food and clothing."

Does this part mean they can break into my house and take whatever I've stocked up in preparation?

"Control of materials. To inspect, control, restrict and regulate by rationing and using quotas, prohibitions on shipments, allocation, or other means, the use, sale, dispensing, distribution, or transportation of food, fuel, clothing or other commodities, as may be reasonable and necessary to respond to the public health emergency."

I guess the gov't will stand at the store and say 'only two loaves of bread for you this week.'

Should I be worried the government will take stuff from me in a pandemic, or not?


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