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Paparazzi vs the Stars

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posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 09:25 PM
Just saw a thing on AOL about how Lindsey Lohan is suing the Paparazzi that hit her with a car. Yep, to "get her picture", the Paparazzi hit her while she was driving with another car. Others, like Spears, throws whatever she is drinking at them to get them off of her. Heidi Klum's Husband punched one after the Paparazzi pushed Klum. Another incident involving Prince Harry where he punched a Paparazzi after the Pap hit him in the nose with a camera.

What I want to know is, HOW!!!! Last I checked there are laws against this.... Stalker Laws, Assault and Battery, Attempted Murder...(Lohan being attacked with a car) but noooooo, the Paparazzi just go out and beat stars to the ground for a picture. Just imagine driving down the road then 3 guys pull you out of your car and beat you to the ground, then take your picture as you try to get up. It would suck wouldn't it? Or with the Olsen Twins, Paparazzi breaking into NYU Campus and bursting into class and freaking everyone out in the school cause they thought they were being attacked.(All the students and teachers, not just the Twins) Or Hillary Duff being attacked as she went for her temps, not the Ashton Kutcher Punk episode, but when she went to get it for real was trapped by the Paparazzi when she got to a stop light they pulled up on all sides and surronded her.

Hell, go to Florida and have a gun, they start attacking, pull it out and shoot them all. Another thing is they tresspass all the time! Have high electrified fences, tinted windows, guards, doesn't matter, they break into the area and then the house to get pictures. WTF! Yes they are famous, but Klum is a mother and I bet she didn't appreciate her kids baptism being interuppted by the Papparazzi, or her trying to feed one at home in the back yard.

Hey, I wanna be a Papparazzi, according to the law apparently I can go and kill someone and not be in trouble.(Princess Di incident where they crashed her car chasing her, and then prevented fire and rescue from getting to the car, thus killing her just in case she had been alive) I can break into your house and kill you as long as I take a picture or two.

Not sure where this goes, Movies, TV, Rant, so put it in the middle one.

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 10:00 PM
The Stalkerazzi should follow these Rules:

Photos to be only taken at
- Premieres
- Club/Bar Openings
- When invited or in Designated areas outside of Clubs/Bars
- Special Events; Such as Award ceremonies, non-profit events, etc
- Sport Games

I could careless if what Puff Daddy/P. Diddy is doing. I could careless if Britney Spears is at the beach with her friends. I don't care what any Jennifer, Angelina, Brad or anyone is doing or whom they are doing!

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 12:39 AM
What? I don't get it..... How can these guys do this? I ding someones car with a piece of paper that blew out my window on a windy day and I get sued seven ways till tuesday. These people ram her car to "get her picture" and nothing? Well, you said she is suing, but doubt it will go anywhere. Like what you said about Princess Diane, they kill her, and block firefighters and EMS so they can take a picture of her as she is dieing. It's insane.

Although, according to these rules, if I take a picture, I can kill Karl Rove and not get in trouble. Well, if I drag him to a church and throw him in it, as long as I take pictures of his body bursting into flames it is legal.


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