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Out of the Blue UFO Documentary and Discussion

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posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 01:29 AM
Has anyone ever seen this film? I consider it to be the best scientific and analytical work on the topic of UFO's that I have ever come across. I would like to draw attention to the numerous credible British, French and U.S. military, government, and space personel that all admit point blank that there is a shadow organization controlling or should I say silencing the flow of information on the topic of UFOs. Anyway I would like to open a forum to discuss the documentary and the topic of UFO's to all by putting forth a few questions with my own personal opinions. But because we cannot yet discern who or what the occupants of these vehicles are, I would like to leave the grey/repitillian/humanoid discussion to another thread.

1) Are UFO's a threat to national security? Are their intentions benign or malevolent?

Answer: I believe that UFO's are indeed a threat to national security based upon their ability to ditch our best fighters whenever they want, their ability to dismantle key nuclear facilities thus showcasing that our most powerful weaponary is useless against any UFO threat and also their ability to move at speeds that would crush a human occupant prove that they are indeed a superior aerial force.

2) As it is becoming plainly obvious that there is some sort of gradual disclosure process being implemented over the last several years in movies, books, attention to the subject of UFO's the question remains: When is actual disclosure coming?

Answer: I believe that actual disclosure can only come when conditions warrant an event of such historical significance to the human species. Now when that moment may be right is hard to pinpoint but from how I view modern events unfolding across the planet, I believe that imminent disclosure will come within the next 25 years with the next 10 years being the prime candidate for that special moment.

3) When disclosure occurs, do you believe that the people of the world will hold their governments (especially in America) accountable for years of coverup and disinformation? I'm sure that the great majority will be shocked at such disclosure but surely there has to be a number of voices that will be saying "told you so" and "the government has been covering this up since 1947". Will they be drowned out during these historic moments?

Answer: Because I believe strongly that disclosure cannot come without circumstantial conditions that would require such earth-shattering news I believe that the government will indeed be immune from any backlash afforded to it by ordinary citizens and people who have been vindicated over the question of UFO's.

4) What will be your initial reaction and response the moment you learn of such disclosure should it reach you by news ala 9/11 coverage 24/7?

Answer: It would depend on the introduction of the UFO's. If it's a fleet of ships hovering over every major city then I might have to hook up an Apple laptop and start a countdown timer. If it's video and photographic proof from a government agency such as NASA then I guess it would be a time of celebration on hearing an official confirmation of something millions have already believed in.

5) Will you lose your religion and concept of societial norms, values and traditions?

Answer: I will leave my own answer blank for the moment because I cannot comprehend an impact of such magnitude until its upon me.

I don't post alot but I keep myself updated on posts in various forums with this being my first and favorite. So if anyone has anything to contribute please do so.

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 01:41 AM
Why would you lose your religion, values and traditions because of something you already know exists? Who really cares that there are aliens out there? As long as they don't bother us i think we should just forget about it. We will always have occational visits but i highly doubt they will attack us or come here in the masses to say howdy doody earthlings.

The government will never disclose what they know because it will be too annoying for them to handle the "so tell us more" questions. You know they are out there but you won't believe it until some guy in a suit tells you they are out there? Come on man, what is just so unbelievable about having neighbors?

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posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 01:58 AM
What is unbelievable is the suppression of truth about the subject. Maybe if governments and those in charge of the subject of UFO's were forthcoming and did not deceive the public then the situation would be different. How do you know that they won't bother us? Or the manner of their arrivals? Is that not exactly what they have been doing with mass swarms of sightings in Mexico, Phoenix, Belgium? Was that not their way of saying howdy doody? Everything comes back full circle to the issue of telling the truth.

"I believe that a guarantee of public access to government information is indispensable in the long run for any democratic society.... if officials make public only what they want citizens to know, then publicity becomes a sham and accountability meaningless". - Sissela Bok


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