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My Simple Four Step Guide to Fight Back Against Corporate USA

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posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 09:15 AM
Why stop at flipping them off? Lets flip them over. Lets boycott all SUVs, lets shut down walmarts.

If you want to do something that is going to make diffrence, DO something that will.

Flipping them off is not going to teach them, just think you are stupid for flipping them off.

posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by Astronomer68
I perhaps don't have as much sympathy for american workers as I should. I think that greed led to excess demands for more money & benefits and that over time those demands (and settlement contracts to fill them) basically priced the American worker out of the maketplace.

Sure those of us with good jobs do get paid well, but I would not put all the blame on greed. We are too expensive now because we also have to pay for high taxes and the high cost of healthcare. We do have more disposable income, but I think we have less every year.

If they want higher wages let them organize unions and go through the same processes American workers went through to get them raised.

This is already happening in India for example, although they aren’t forming unions, the standard of living is going up along with salaries and now labor is cheaper somewhere else like Venezuela, where there currency has taken a nosedive. So it is a vicious cycle that is accelerating, more like spiraling downward and who knows where it will end.

posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 01:14 PM

Originally posted by RANT
You want to help? Divest. Quit buying stock. The most widely held stocks are technology monopolies, media monopolies and pharmco monopolies.

Widely held means YOU own it. You are the NWO. Quit funding it at the source, which is NOT consumerism, it's CAPITALISM.

It'd help to stop voting Republican too. :shk:

vote third party or fourth party canidates
Green, Libertarian,Independant,Constitutional, Socialist,Communist
theres Alot of other political groups
and Any of them are better than what we got now *Democrat/Republican*

Corporate Republics suck...
Lets change our govt to a Virtual Democracy or something

never ever vote democrat or republican until the insiders lose control of it...*if that will ever happen*

posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 01:51 PM
No Justice, as a consumer aid, I have translated your original post into a language spoken by a lot of other people on this board.

No, no need to thank me; im just helping out my fellow ATSers.

1. This is the most important, do not ever shop at Wal-Mart. I could write a book. First of all most of their products come from slave labor in China. They also do not pay their employees a competitive wage and most have to have a second job just to survive. They've just about destroyed small mom and pop groceries stores in general because the average person can save a few bucks. Yes this is true you'll save a few dollars going there, but think of the greater good, spend $5 or $10 more dollars for your local grocery store and stop feeding the Corporate machine.

Translation: Shop at another corporation, which probably gets its goods from the same place Wally World does, but you'll be nice and trendy by not shopping there -- and you'll be a lot poorer, too, but, that's the price you pay for being politically correct.

2. Buying Music: I don't think this is too much of a problem since everyone I'm addressing this to is on the internet. I say keep on downloading. However, what I do is support Independant music that I like and buy their stuff. It's usually more reasonably priced and better music anyway. So download corporate music that you want, buy the real music.

Translation: It's okay to be a common thief. I'm one, so you be one, too. Since you're going to steal someone's intellectual property or the labor that other people do to add some sort of value, why not go to a local book store (not Wal-mart, of course!) and steal siome of their books? The nice thing about being a thief these days is that you can always come up with a rationale for being dishonest. .

3. Your car is just a big piece of metal, no matter how great you may think it looks. Who cares it really just gets you from one place to another. I drive a paid off 99 Dodge Neon, before that I was buried in debt from a brand new Truck that I was tired of after a year. I'm much happier with the average paid off car that doesn't suck gas down like a 14 year old kid with a coke. And please, please, please, do not ever get a hummer. In fact, if you ever see a hummer, flip them off, and take a picture of it and show it off to your friends, and tell them to flip off a hummer as well. They are gas guzzling stupid trendy wanna be tanks. Most people that drive hummers are ****s anyway.

Translation: It's smart not to buy a new car, because it sometimes runs as well or as econmically as an old one, and if you put a bunch of autoworkers out of work, who cares? They're just a bunch of worthless jerks, and besides, look how cool you are by not getting a new car! And remember, if anyone chooses to get a car that you don't approve of, like, say, a Hummer, you know they are morally bad people, and it's okay to generalize and say they're all losers, just like it's okay to generalize and say that all blacks are lazy and all hispanics are illegal aliens....

....Oops! No, we can't make those kind of generalizations, because they're not politically correct. But go ahead and flip out someone in a Hummer. It will make you feel so much better and more superior -- and maybe take off a bit of the edge of jealousy you feel to someone who seems like she's a bit more ... successful ... than you are!

4. Just stay away from the mall, do you really like anything you see there? or is it just a perception. It's overpriced crap. Clothes are just meant to cover your body. I'm not saying you have to dress like a slob but paying out $300 and getting one pair of shoes and a shirt is just bad money management.

Translation: Those minimum wage losers working at the mall -- you know, the mom trying to make some extra money or the kid paying his way through college -- are losers. If you boycott the Mall and put them out of business, who cares?

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 03:51 AM
Pretty cool thread. I happen to be one of those people that squeez a nickle till the buffalo poots.
I hate wal-mart. I used to laugh at all the people that would drive six miles around the parking lot waiting for a space close to the door, then stand in lines an hour long just to save fifty cents.
We have become one of those old fashion families that goes into "town" once a month for
My children do have alot more than I had as a child, but unlike many children today they enjoy home cooked meals daily. They have friends that come spend the weekend just for the biskits and gravy.tomato sammiches,cornbread and milk, and homemade ice cream on the front porch...
They also enjoy outdoor time, frog hunts,feeding wild kittens and long walks and talks with mom time.
We have an old car that uses very little gas and the maintenence has been very low costs.
I get what your saying and totally agree with most. I feel very fortunate to be able to lead such a simple life and enjoy so much time with my family that does not care what i'm wearing and how much it cost.
I only wish many more people out there could see the importance of such.
May God bless anyone that can sit and watch the grass grow with loved ones without bitchen about the price of gas,and stocks, or answering a cell phone for a whole day.

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 12:37 PM
when people get to hooked on materaial possesions or something like gambling quality of life gets worse which may result in suicide. Like you the person who started this topic i too beleive Wal-Mart is not good and corporate america produces to much materialism.


posted on Jul, 2 2005 @ 07:35 PM
I mean we can complain about capitalism all we want but nothing is going to change... because that is the nature of the system... I am a designer for a clothing company that is still in it's infancy... and I am confronted by this reality every day... to even get the business started we had to find an investor...
in order to stay competitive we have to import the cloth from china and mexico... and although we pledge a portion of our earnings to various charitable organizations it pales in comparison to the hardships we impose upon the people that provide our raw material... in the overall scheme of things we're just another gear in a 3000~4000 year old machine that is capitalism... nothing short of a global revolution and centralization of wealth distribution would even the rift between the rich and the poor (hence my blind belief in the profecies of Titor)... Everyday I find myself trying to find a way to turn the world upside down, but a single civilian is nothing when compared to the legions of cutthroat corporations who fight whithin themselves to get their own share of the influence... and although I can try to convince the people around me like the messaihs and revolutionaries of old, the fact is the fight for survival is the war most people end up fighting while the fight for humanity is neatly contained by mental blockades of greed and want which surround us in the cities and media wherever we go... I envy the life of the lady who talks of her children and how she can watch the grass grow... I too dream of the day where I can escape this battle for survival and watch the seasons pass in the countryside and contemplate my chances against the degredation of humanity...

posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 02:33 AM
It seems kind of hipocritical to bash big retail corps while we sit at our puters made by huge corps. Surfing thanks to huge corps like aol or earthlink. The worst outsourcing pigs on the planet.

We all choose our battles don't we.


posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 07:25 AM
I do have to buy into the Walmart part of your post. The owners of Walmart (Waltons) must be laughing all the way to the bank. They know that they have us by the b^ll$ I was recently in one a few weeks ago and saw the person who was tending the (fresh fish?) area. She was placing the fish in the display from a box that I would guess that weighed 20lbs. and she dropped it on the floor. Without hesitation, she quickly scooped them up off the floor and pretended nothing happened and started placing them on the ice in the display. I was watching here every move.Then along came this guy who wanted to by some of the fish the lady dropped. She went about weighing it and giving it to the man and he continued his shopping. Having taken all of this in, I looked for the man and found him and informed him of just what I saw prior to his fish purchase. He had a really pissed-off look on his face by then. We called for the store manager and they sent some little peeon and he said "that we both must have been mistaken because things like that are just not done in theis store." Ya right. Well, we raised so much hell and then the big manager came out to see us and virtually said the same thing the other dumb^ss said. He stood there and basicaly called us liars. By now I was really pissed and stated to him if he did not believe us to go watch the video that was located in behind the fish counter and up in the corner. By this time, store security was warning us to not make any more trouble. The guy who bought the fish was handcuffed for being disorderly and I was not far behind him. I started to shout out to the other customers as to what happened and was handcuffed myself. It was at this time the local city police were arriving and we were told we were going to jail for disorderly conduct and there were proabaly 50-60 people who gathered around us because of all the drama. We convinced the city police to look at the video. They took the manager and the lady who dropped the fish to start with, and us to a room in the back of the store and we convinvced them to just look at the video and they did. Well the store manager whose face was beet red at this point asked the city police to take the handcuffs off of us. Now remember all this time the lady who dropped the fish lied all the way up untill the video showed her what we were claiming. The manager fired her on the spot and to find out later she had worked for them many years. The city police were apoligizing all over themselves for the handcuffings. The manager was in a state of disbelief and offered us each $100 gift card . The guy and myself talked about it for a few mins. and declined their poor attempt of making it up to us. We have in the meantime retained seperate lawyers and I have a good feeling that Walmart will be paying much more that the offered $100 giftcard. I will not even go in one anymore and the more people that look into the s#1t that goes on at their stores nearby, the more they will know how this example of Corporate USA is sticking it in us.

posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 07:40 AM

Originally posted by SpittinCobra
Why stop at flipping them off? Lets flip them over.

I hope you aren't encouraging me to go around damaging private property!

I really wish there were some hummers where I live...I can see this new sport catching on. It'll be on ESPN next.

posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 08:07 AM
This really is a sad post. Filled with hyprocrisy and jealousy.

Respect the Hummer driver! This person worked hard to earn his money, and has the right to drive whatever he feels like. Most people that drive 6 yr old cars (neons), do it because they have to, not because they want to.

Shop Wal Mart! The best thing about Wal Mart (besides the low prices) is that they refuse to allow Unions! The last Wal Mart that tried to unionized was promptly closed, I applaud Wal Mart for their action in that matter.

As far as buying "corporate music", I don't have a problem with that as most music made nowadays is crap. Indy music is pretty much the same, but they try too hard and it makes them look pathetic. Same thing with Hollywood, why go to the movies when the DVD is released soon after?

Captialism is what makes America great!

It is time to stop whining about what others drive, what they earn, and how they spend their money. Instead of whining, go get a job and earn your own money so you can buy what you want.

I really think people that buy Hummers do it just to pee off people that drive 99 Neons, who wish they could afford a Hummer!

posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 08:12 AM

Originally posted by KhieuSamphan

Originally posted by SpittinCobra
Why stop at flipping them off? Lets flip them over.

I hope you aren't encouraging me to go around damaging private property!

I really wish there were some hummers where I live...I can see this new sport catching on. It'll be on ESPN next.

Maybe you ducky can help you.

posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 08:20 AM

Originally posted by SpittinCobra
Maybe you ducky can help you.

Are you quackers, eider never persuade Ducky to do that.

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