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And now having nothing to lose...

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posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 08:17 PM
I could with ease do almost anything with no worries.

Why don’t I?

I could just forget about all of my obligations, duties and other required tasks.

Why haven’t I?

I could send everyone away now without regret or pain.

Why not?

I still breathe, I still feel, I still bleed.


Someone help me solve this riddle of a life gone amuck, give me a sense of humanity again. I want to feel like I belong here. I need to know there is cause and reason to exist.

Then again I still have nothing to lose...

Show me a light within the darkness that has taken over my world, give me a reason for optimism, help me pop the blister of my human condition.

Then again... as long as I live and breathe... I can escape all of it into my own oblivion.

Life is just one path among many.. One which I did choose.. I will find my way in or out.. One way or the other...

I really have nothing to lose.

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