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Australia: Counter-Terrorism Raids.

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posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 12:01 PM
Terror raid by AFP, ASIO

Counter-terrorist officers have raided at least four Melbourne homes after uncovering evidence that Islamic extremists were planning attacks on prominent city landmarks.

The raids followed a 10-month investigation during which ASIO officers and police tracked a number of known extremists as they made a series of road trips between Sydney and Melbourne.
At least one member of the group was observed taking video footage of two Melbourne train stations and the Australian Stock Exchange in Collins Street.

When questioned earlier by agents, the suspect admitted he was filming the buildings but claimed he needed the footage to help him train as a taxi driver.

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The terrorist's are trying to further their 'cause' by trying to disable the western world's monetary system, whether it be through scaring people not to go to work, or by disabling the system by crashing it.


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