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My Universe theory

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posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 04:01 AM
Please read this theory, be Critical and understanding at the same time.

I believe the Universe is like a legal framework in which the laws of Nature operate. It is continually expanding. If someone or something were to pass the boundary of the Universe and therefore, get out of the Universe, he/she would cease to exist because the laws of Nature will no longer be acting on him/her and therfore his/her existance will have no meaning. Therfore, this theory supports the theories about the fabric of the Universe, and explains the meaning of Universal expansion.
Think of the Universe as Fabric, that is continually stretching, my theory puts forth 4 dimensions of which the 4th dimension is the master dimension ( the other 3 dimensions are length, width and height). This 4th dimension allows the other 3 dimensons to continually change because the Universe is continually expanding. The 4th dimension is not time, time is merely a measure of the progression of the Universe or the change in the 3 dimensions. The 4th dimension or the Master dimension in my theory is a violent dimension that is continually causing the other 3 dimensions to expand. Think of this dimension as an explosion at the centre of the fabric of the Universe. Because this dimension is continually exploding, the expansion of the Universe is gradually getting faster. This theory therfore, not only supports the fact that the Universe is expanding, but also that fact that a big bang occured, this big bang being the birth of the other 3 dimensions contrlloed by the 4th dimension.


N.B I know what you must be thinking right now .... " this guy must be out of his mind, he's mad, crazy, etc. "
But this is only a theory I made as a hobby.


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