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Energy outline

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posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 11:36 PM
Use of Energy
Better, more efficient, use of energy reduces all the incidental problems dealing with energy sources.

Three major hurdles with energy sources.

This is tied up with both on demand dependability and the ultimate consequential impacts of a given source of energy. In fact there are probably more sources of energy than we will probably ever discover, but some of those might collapse the Universe itself, so impacts have to be considered. Currently the most common impacts are things like green house gases, radioactive wastes, toxic heavy metals released, biodegradable and non-degradable organic toxic wastes and environmental destruction.
Sustainability as a source should also be a part of the equation

The ability to store energy efficiently and then retrieve it efficiently on demand opens up many possibilities. This might be done chemically, electrically, mechanically or using some other aspect of physics. If you can cheaply, efficiently and safely store and release energy that means you can gather up the energy from intermittent sources such as solar and wind for peak periods when it is in highest demand. Using wind and solar to create hydrogen is a method of storing energy, but currently that can't be done very efficiently.

The ability to efficiently [with very little loss or expense] move energy from one place to another. As you may be aware the longer a wire/line from a power plant extends the greater the loss do to electrical resistance. If you can make the transport of energy efficient enough that means you could have far flung sources, maybe even from the other side of the globe, so while some local source may not be producing, you could draw power from some place that is.
Transportation can take place along conducting wires or pipelines, or by turning it into a transportable fuel.

I think if an inventive person comes up with workable methods of storage, transportation or more efficient extraction techniques there will almost certainly be huge fortunes to be made.


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