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Another planet-Another world

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posted on Jun, 18 2005 @ 09:44 PM
Please everyone continue this story.

Start it with a line from Bright Eyes,"This is the first day of my life"
"I don't where i have been,or know where i am going."

Finally its over,the end of the line.
A long journey,thru the heavens of time.
A new world,with everything i could want.

Sandy beaches and waves of crystal clear blue water adore
this heavenly landscape.
Two suns on the horizen,one gold the other silver,light
the sky with tints of emeralds.
Three moons move at night,streaking across the light blue
heavens,with beams of colors that make me smile.

One thing is missing.No one to share this world of mine.
All alone.
I have my world,this was created for us.
Help me find someone to share,to create more

To help others with their dreams,so more dreams will
come true.The more to share the better it will be.

posted on Jun, 18 2005 @ 10:03 PM
Walking on the white sandy beach,with only
my footprints marking the path i left.
Gentle breeze blowing through my hair.
Still alone on this world.No one to share.

What do i do?
I keep walking,my toes kick up sand.
Feeling so fine,it tickles my feet.
I go to the sea,i think its a sea.
I can't see the end,crystal blue and endless,
my blue eyes see.
All of a sudden,what looks like a seal,is trying
to get my attention.
I swim to the seal,but its really a mermaid.
Beautiful,green eyes stare at me.
Moving in circles around me,I turn trying to
keep up.

She says who are you?
I respond with a smile.
I am Adam,are you Eve?

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