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Al-Qaeda, Iran and the next 9/11

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posted on Jun, 18 2005 @ 06:19 AM

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The propaganda from the U.S. has been growing at an increasing rate against Iran, with attempts to tie them to al-Zarqawi, Osama bin Laden, other terrorists that hide there and of course nuclear weapons.

Most people have come to accept that the Bush administration will be involved in an attack on Iran, the only question is when?

We have seen for some time the so called "growing evidence" that the administration have provided, that is designed to convince others that Iran is a country that must be "dealt with" Continued...

This is something I recently have theorized, AJ seems to think the same as me

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posted on Jun, 18 2005 @ 11:11 PM
This is interesting:

A former Pentagon official, journalist, and president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Leslie Gelb, a man with considerable political and military knowledge, came back from a fact-finding trip in Iraq talking about the ''gap between those who work there, who were really careful of every word they uttered of prediction or analysis, and the expansive, sometimes, I think, totally unrealistic optimism you hear from people back in Washington."

In a report to the council, Gelb was scathing about America efforts to train an Iraqi army. ''If you ask any Iraqi leader, they will tell you these people can't fight. They just aren't trained. And yet we're cranking them out like rabbits." As for plans to train a 10 division Iraqi army by next year, Gelb was scathing. ''It became very apparent to me that these 10 divisions were to fight some future war against Iran. It had nothing to do, nothing to do," with taking Iraq over from the Americans and fighting the insurgents.

Keep an eye on Iraqi army training to know when an attack on Iran will be viable. They have to get a certain amount of bodies to throw at Iran before they can think about heading in.

The Whitehouse knows that a US draft would result in a public revolt plus they must know that the Iraqi army they will be using as a buffer won't last long either. So how do you get people to volunteer for the army during a war?

I think the next 9/11 will be aimed at crippling America's economy while hitting the hearts of Americans so the Patriotism starts pouring out. That's the only way they could get numbers up without a draft, basically forcing people into an Army career due to an economic depression.

The 9/11 attack will come, forces will roll into Iran and the army will be backed by a crumbling economy in America that brings more people into the army because of the need for steady pay. A depression which drains the economy to run the War Machine will be the result and it will be how people are forced into joining the army because that will be the only job easily available and readily hiring.

Reading Michael Ruppert, he's shown proof that America's economy is being basically held up by certain wallstreet cronies who have bailed it out of a major downfall more than once (read Crossing the Rubicon for that reference) and that it could be crashed at any moment if they decide to not hold it up next time things get shaky.

I think the next attack has to be economical so wallstreet can be crashed and a national depression forces people into armed forces jobs if Patriotism doesn't. An economical crisis is also a FEMA executive order for Martial Law and a new high profile war against Iran will be a profit bonanza for those who crash wallstreet, they won't loose out from an economical crash resulting in another major war at all, they'll profit and they are the ones in charge after all.

An attack on a US Aircraft Carrier is an expense that doesn't seem required. it would be very expensive to drop one of those for the hope that it would inspire enough people to join the army. The next 9/11 can't rely on people wanting to join, it has to force them to join because ultimatly they need the numbers before a major war can be viable.

They might blow up an carrier thou but that won't be all that happens.
The companies who profit off war are running the country, they are the ones who will profit off more wars and the most obvious way to get a big army and an economy that's based around building and fueling this army is by bringing down the economy and re-establishing it around this war machine and promoting it as the only way out of the depression - a win or lose scenario.

Again, we'll be used as the pawns and those in control will profit and become more powerful.

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posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 05:21 AM

president of the Council on Foreign Relations

We all know what the CFR is all really about, destroying American Soverignity!

"The CFR is an offshoot of a British secret society whose purpose is to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and create a One World Government."

- Barry Goldwater, Former Presidental Candidate.

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