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Problem of prescriptions.

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posted on Jun, 18 2005 @ 12:40 AM
Whenever I went to a doctor he always prescribed me at least two or three different drugs.
I talked to other people and it happened to them, too.
It never or rarely happened that doctor told them to get more sleep or to eat vegetables or somthing like that, even to quit smoking was not the solution.
Is it really necessary. Most of illnesses doesn't really have to be treated with tons of drugs.
Medications are the last possible way to fight disease, and if that is the case why one medication isn't enough or right one.

If you consult herbal therapy usualy one plant is healing dozen of different states of weakness.
It is almost impossible to avoid of some poisonous intake in your organism.

So why is that? Doctors think if they didn't give the prescription they didn't help. Absurd.
EVEN if there is no diagnose of any illness they prescribe you several drugs just in case, a lot of my friends were given several medications even if not have been diagnostified with exact disease, and they felt worse afte these false treatment.

posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 12:37 PM
Not all doctors are heavy into prescriptions but those that are tend to have alliances with pharmacutal companies. Those little reps love to bring lunch to the doctors office every chance they get and show what new little pills they have. It is all marketing and not always medicine.

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 07:01 PM
Yes, maybe it is why they do that. I was thinking maybe it is because more prescriptions, more care they pretend to take and like they know what is wrong with you.
But once I heard in waiting room one doctor telling how some other collegue of his prescribed too strong medication and told that is like shooting of cannon on to mosquito. (spelling maybe wrong, srry)
I think some doctors even nuke them.

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 11:34 AM
Yup, it happens.

Though it depends on why you go to the doctor to start with, too.

Not all drugs are meant to treat; some are intended to prevent, too (in the case of prophylactic antibiotic treatment, or blood pressure meds, for example). And sadly some conditions just can't be prevented or cured by homeopathic means.

There's a big problem at the moment with people still demanding antibiotics for things like influenza; the doctors shouldn't be catering to stroppy patients, but it does happen, just to shut 'em up.

We're a quick-fix society. We want instant "everything". Most of us don't want to spend time eating right, exercising and taking better care of ourselves....and that's half the problem. We also need to quit rushing off to the doctor every time we sneeze or have a headache. That isn't helping anything.

posted on Aug, 29 2005 @ 12:03 PM
Not to defend the doctors, but unfortunately a lot of patients these days aren't happy unless they come away with a prescription. I see it daily. Myself, I'm doing backflips if I can come from an appointment without a new med.
(For the record, I'm a diabetic. Tried controlling it with diet and exercise only; in my case, it wasn't enough.) It's just a bad habit nowadays, and I have to agree with Tinkleflower...everybody wants a quick fix, an instant cure.

posted on Aug, 29 2005 @ 12:26 PM
Diabetes is a great example, actually.

Some type 2s are luckier; their conditions can be controlled (and in some cases completely reversed) with diet and exercise. Others will need insulin therapy for the rest of their lives.

And Type 1s just don't have a choice at all - they simply cannot control their disease with herbals, natural remedies and/or diet and exercise. It's either insulin-for-life, or trying to get into a pancreatic islet cell transplant study (risky, doesn't guarantee a cure).

If only everything could be cured by diet, exercise and natural remedies.

Unfortunately, in too many cases, that's just not possible.

That's not even touching on how "natural" does not always mean "safe"....

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