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Government Mind Control Project or Garden Variety Psycho?

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posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 06:21 PM
I came across this story not too long ago, and something about the way it was told struck me.

I thought maybe the perpetrator was the unwitting benefactor of some government mind control TLC (tender loving care). I did a little checking up, and while I was pretty convinced initially that there was something screwy going on, maybe mind control, after reading more I think this guy is just a garden variety psycho.

I wanted to pose the question to the fine folks here at ATS, to get some opinions. Was Mustafa a regular, run of the mill psycho, or was he a government experiment in the simultaneous manipulation of the individual psyche, and our social consciousness?

The reason I initially thought this guy was programmed, or rather the reasons: he was described by coworkers as always pleasant and smiling, until one day he just snapped. Most people don't do that, despite what some movies and other works of fiction would have you believe. Also, if someone was trying to stir the pot and incite some anti-muslim hatred, what better patsie than a guy named Mustafa Mohamed?

Like I said, after reading more, I think this is a non-incident, just another example of stress related violence. It appears that he had some previous incidents of workplace violence, an explosive reaction to ridicule by his coworkers. I would guess (dime-store analysis) a persecution complex and feelings of isolation just drove him insane over time. It does happen.

So, I started off thinking this was an MKUltra type deal, now I think it's more benign. What do you think, ATS? A couple of links to different write-ups of the incident below.

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