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The Adware Conspiracy.

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posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 04:17 PM

Originally posted by liquidskin
where in spybot is the tea timer cause I did a quick check in the index and didn't see it. Haven't heard of that on there before now.

Open the app.
In the file menu, click "mode" and verify or change so that "advanced" is enabled (if a change, the confrim box = yes)
On left pane, click "Tools".
In those options, click "Resident"
Now, in right pane, click to enable "TeaTimer"
(Note: I also use the "SDHelper" you see there.)
At this time you will have noticed a new icon in your sys tray, that is your TeaTimer.

If you wish TeaTimer to quit starting with your computer, go back there and disable that TeaTimer option.

Bare in mind, with this enabeld, should something attempt to alter your core files and/or registry, Spybot will give a popup asking if you want to allow/disallow/always. If you are installing a known safe app, then click 'yes'. Whereas if you happen to be simply surfing the net, or receive an email or whatnot, and get the same thing, click no to let Spybot save yer ass, lol.

I IMPLORE anyone that uses this awsome app of Spybot to make a donation to that man if you can. The dude HATES crapware, and made this app to give away to help others. Donations don't need to be $500 ya know, just a simple something even.


posted on Jun, 16 2005 @ 02:23 AM
Excellent info from all. At home I have Ad Aware, Spybot, and the MS (Giant) Anti Spyware programs.

At work, just the MS one, but I have everything backed up nightly.

I will certainly try to keep track of specific companies that partake in these actions. Anything to help beat the crap out of those that take advantage of others. I'm sure most people on here will enjoy being helpful with this.

posted on Jun, 17 2005 @ 05:26 AM
Spyware is annoying, yes, but running tools like adaware and spybot just aren't enough. If people are educated with the dangers of surfing and harden IE/firefox well enough then spyware shouldn't get there at all. Killing spyware entries with adaware is not a solution, it just fixes the symptoms, not the cause. Too many people think that installing firefox will get rid of spyware, it won't. Not if you make the same bad choices when surfing or installing software. If you click 'yes' to every window that pops up when you surf, or download software to 'view a website', you can't be surprised when google starts being redirected to or whatever.

I'm not having a go at anyone here, I just want to try to get people to realise that spyware programs can only remove the spyware once its on there, its the USER who can take steps to stop it getting there in the first place.

posted on Jun, 17 2005 @ 05:58 AM
Im sure its companies like McAfee starting these viruses, browser hijacks etc. I bought McAfee security Suite 7.0 the other day and it doesn't seem to do anything. The spamkiller has screwed up the email and the firewall says its not installed even though ive installed it 5 times!!!! We should start a research project to find out about this...Im in!!!

posted on Jun, 17 2005 @ 06:53 AM
Most of the time the spyware is installed with your consent, you just don't read it the licence agreement.
When you install MSN Messenger PLUS for instance.

posted on Jun, 17 2005 @ 08:28 AM

Albeit it what you say is true, the act of running adaware/spybot/etc and nothing else is an incalculable PC saver when one considers MANY MANY users can't grasp a tech standpoint. For many, just showing them the "Services" GUI is a gut wrencher that terrifies them. For many it is the big words like "Administrative Tools" that send them into an instant tizzy of "I don't get it". There are also the ones that simply do not have time to try to understand all the tech points of security. It's the same principle as, home owner can not - no way - no how install his own burglar alarm system, what does he do? He hires a company to do it ........ Adaware/Spybot.

But in all, I am agreeing with you, that no "one" aspect is going to harden a PC. Just pointing out the other side of it.


I assume you have some proof that you are "sure" it's companies like McAfee starting these virus? If it were any, it would damn sure not be McAfee, as, you now obviously know they can't even create a safety measure worthy of cost, let alone create the problem.


Boy did you hit one on the head. Some of these EULA's all but grant them your soul. There are also ones that state that yet another program will be installed in addition to the program that their program is installing. The EULA's of those 17th party programs have to be gone to on the internet, is not viewable within the EULA of the app one is installing. I have actually seen EULA's for stupid little crap apps that are, literally, longer and more encrypt of language than an operating system EULA !! Ever hear of Benjamin Edelman? This guy HHHAAATTTEEESSS spyware !!! He is, in my thoughts, the god of anti-scumware ..........


posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 03:22 PM
I get the feeling that most people who own a computer shouldn't. There is just too much to go wrong. My Dad is a perfect example. I gave him written intstructions on how to use his scanner, and he called me a few days kater and asked what 'My Computer' was.

I have NEVER had a virus on my computer and hopefully I never will. I read every EULA on every peice of software I install. If I install software that is questionable, I install it first on a standalone PC and watch it with Ethereal. If it attempts to connect to the Internet and it shouldnn't, I get rid of it. How many people know what Ethereal is, let alone know how to use it? Computer crime is a multi-billion dollar industry because people are just too gullible and trusting for the responsibility of owning a computer connected to the Internet.

posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 11:47 PM
I'm making some extra money setting up systems, as well as cleaning them up. Better than 99% of it is stuff they'd know if they ever read a manual.

They seem to let words like Administrator, and Firewall scare them instead of trying to find out more about them.

I don't get it - something as intragrated into our lives as a computer and most people could care less about knowing how to use it. Have a look at XP-MCE and you'll get some idea where this whole thing is heading. How can anyone with a computer not want to be part of it?

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