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God is a Paradox

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posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 08:57 PM
I'm not religous in the ideal sense but I am spiritual. I don't dislike religion -- It just isn't for me. Like anything manmade it has its pros and cons.

The typical religions, especially the monotheistic, are illogical in my opinion. I think religion is largely the result of man trying to control itself and fill in the plot holes. They give us a basis for crime and punishment -- supposedly ordained by god. And they provide the answers, at least party, to the seemingly irreconcilable questions of life.

People fear what they don't understand. I think thats why religion appeals to so many. Religion provides people with a place in the grand scheme. It gives them a sense of belonging in this crazy universe. Truly, it is an exhausting endeavor to try to knock someones religious beliefs because they rely solely on faith.

But I have faith that religion is indeed mans creation. I also have faith that we humans make many mistakes. Concrete beliefs can turn out to be naive and even ignorant.

I say the best thing about religion is spirituality. I think Spiritual Enlightenment is the most vital undertaking in life. Art does it for me, I connect with my spirit through artistry, my own or someone elses. I think art is the ultimate spiritual stmuli.

Everyone doesn't acknowledge the artistic part of themself though. Nor do they appreciate art. For these people religion is a wonderful tool to connect with their spirit.

What I don't like about most religions is the worship of, or belief in a diety. A omnipotent being of consciousness and will is very disturbing to me. A supreme being who punishes us and sends us to heaven or hell. I find this irrational.

Here is the paradox.

Everything in the universe would be the result and will of God -- since he created EVERYTHING. In effect, this makes EVERYTHING that happens his doing. Right? So why punish his own creation, man that is, for doing the things (sinning) that God, in his divine perspective, must've known we'd do? That's contradictive, even counter-productive if he's trying to make man in his image.

I know we have free will, right? That's not what I'm talking about. God knows all. So from the very beginning he already knew what our choices would be. He knew jesus would be crucified. He knew Eve would take the fruit. He knew I was going to write this post, because he knows all. Yet he punishes us for being what he created. Sounds like his mistake, not ours.

Personally, if one of these monotheistic gods existed I wouldn't respect it. Furthermore, I would never think of worshipping it. I think Honor is the most important virtue in life. These Gods have none.

Millions of people are starving to death at this very moment. People are murdered. Millions are infected with diseases, not through the course of their actions but that of their parents. Women and children are violated sexually. People are wrongfully imprisoned and even executed. People are born into countries of garbage with little power to live freely. Men of corruption lead the worlds affairs and George W. Bush is President (that ones a joke...kinda').

A divine being that would stand by and watch these atrocities, in the world he created, is a scumbag. I have no respect for such a low life. I am not proud to be part of some twisted-omnipotent-science project. Can't the Almighty find a better source of entertainment? Get 'em a DVD player. He'll probably like the Ten Commandments.

If God were to manifest himself this very instant I would not worship him. I rather burn in hell than excuse his irresponsible apathy for world events. Luckily, I don't believe in your god.

Agree? Disagree? and why? Enlighten me...

posted on Jun, 3 2005 @ 01:04 AM
there is a paradox, but it is differant and reveals Gods nature,and mans nature.

For every soul that is saved, and arrives in heaven, credit is given to God.

For every sin that man does, that is his own doing.

Man cannot save himself, nor can God sin.

The free will we have is the Free will to obey his laws, we are given free will to disobey those laws. God has also allowed Jesus to "pay" for all of our sins so we can arrive in heaven, but to use that method, we have to turn ourselves away from our sinful ways and trun to God.

The hubris of man is that he can save himself. And taht is the biggest differnace you will find in any religion. Find one that says man himself cannot achive salvation, and you will find the true religion

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